Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster

Sunday, June 19th 2016

As you can see I have a copy of Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster, in KOREANLike I can read Hangul! No matter how much Kpop I listen to, or how many of my Korean friends swear that it’s easy to read/write hangul, I beg to differ. Then why do I have a copy of Daddy Long Legs in Korean? The answer is quite simple, I am just in love with the illustrations of this particular version of Jean Webster classic romances novel! It’s just adorable. I love the illustration so much that I even went back to eBay to purchases  stickers from the same illustrator of the classic novels.

Daddy Long Legs


The Review

I read this novel February 28th, 2015 and I still love. I’m still in love with it. How can you not be in love with this story!  Jerusha spirited young woman who is a delight to read. I love the fact that Jersuah did not like her name because she was named after being abandoned at the front steps of an orphanage, and named after the matron. Jerusha entire life is based on the charity of others while she lives a hard life of being the oldest orphan of the orphanage. Speaking of the orphanage, Jersuha is to actually to old to be living in the orphanage, but thanks to the charity of a mysterious matron willing to pay for her ENTIRE COLLEGE EDUCATION she’s off onto a new adventure! With the past behind her and her future awaiting, Jerusha picks a better name for herself from the phonebook “Judy” to start her new life. All she has to do to keep her matron happy is to send a letter.
I love this book. I love this book. Have I told you that I love this book? ‘Cause I really do love this book. How can you not simply fan in love with the classic novel by Jean Webster. I love the spirit of Judy. Most importantly I love how it is written. The fact that Jean Webster wrote the novel as an epistolary novel is the view point of the mysterious charitable matron, whose Judy cleverly renamed him Daddy Long Legs (you’ll get it when you read the novel), reading Judy’s novel. With each turn of the page I fell in love with Judy. She’s not prefect,s she’s not always strong, wise, or understanding but she’s amazing. She has such an amazing spirit about her that makes you eager to help her, laugh with her, even meet her. This book truly shows how much the power of words can truly move a readers soul let alone how easy it is to fall in love with someone just through the power of their words.
This book is amazing. I really hope that my review inspires you to read this classic beauty of a coming to age romances novel, Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster
Happy Reading Y’alls!

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