A Stolen Kiss by Kelsey Keating

Wednesday, March 30th 2016

A Stolen Kiss by Kelsey Keating has been released earlier this month March 1st 2016 by Swanifide Publishing, I’m still truly happy to have been given the chances through NetGalley to read this ARC in exchanging for an honest review only blog. I truly love reading this novel, I felt that it is extremely cute unleashing my inner Don Bluth fangirl on epic proportions. What really brought my attention to A Stolen Kiss has to be the enchanting cover. Seriously how can you not simple falling love with how simplistically enchanting the cover is. It reminds me of ever castle setting in ever fairytale enviroment!

I really enjoyed this 3346 short innocent read. I love how this novel is surrounded by classic styling of fairytale storyline. It has a great whimsical writing style that I will admit was a bit slow at the beginning of the novel but picks up as the plot thick. It also has great imaginative qualities with  an easy flow when reading. There are times when the storyline is rather engaging while being rather simple in design. Usually I would rant and rave about how the simplistic of the storyline would give this novel a lower rating but I find that the simplistically of the novel give it it’s innocents.

A Stolen Kiss is rated for Teens but after reading I feel that the novel is probably meant for a middle school audiences because of the relationship within the novel is truly buttercup innocent when compared to other Teen/Young Adult novels. Most of the romantic aspect of the relationship fallow the cache “instant-bond” or “super close friends” then within days of meeting the characters become inseparable bestie. I found that the characters within the book have great character relationship within each other. There are moments that the romantic elements of the novel might suffer through classic friendship, lack of chemistry but an over whelming tension between characters.
I would go further into the detail of the novel but since the novel is so short I don’t want to spoil this read for you. I will say that I love the epilogue of the book real saved it, leaving me feeling satisfied that I’m kinda pickled at what could possible happen in the sequel, none the less I recommend this novel to all those who are looking for a simple enchanting read.

I hope you enjoy my review
Happy Reading

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Kelsey Keating is a horse of a different color. When not busy dancing to the beat of her own drum (who has the patience to march?), she’s busy administrating in a church office as an executive assistant.

Kelsey’s style of writing leans to YA Fantasy and Women’s Fiction.

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