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Sunday, November 27th 2016


Good Morning!

How are you doing this very chilly Sunday? Right now I am happy that I am warm and snug with Sasha Clinton’s latest addition to the NYC Series, which can be read either as a series or as a standalone that I am currently reading it as. As always I want to thank Keyanna Bulter, for providing me with once again another amazing author for me to keep in my eyes on! You know that I was provided this book for an exchange for an honest review, in addition to tell you guys, my subs, my book lovers, and my budget warriors what I think you would really enjoy reading. Well, Love Me Like You Do by Sarah Clinton, is surely a book I think you guys should really keep an eye out on! Even though the books can be read as a standalone, I’m really going to enjoy reading Book 1 and 2, from the series as well. But enough of these “teaser” talk, let’s get right into the book shall we? Love me like you do, love love me like you do…


Seriously if you aren’t singing that song the moment you saw the cover than your soul is way stronger than mine!

All right, no more distractions lets talk about this book. “Love Me Like You Do” is actually two stories wrapped delicately together with a neat nice bow. We have Bella, not get confused with “Bella” from Twilight, or “Bella” the annoying dog in my old neighborhood. No, this Bella is AMAZING. She has a bestie, which are Kat and Ashley who are actually characters from the previous book but also good friends with Grant, who is actually Jamie’s dad. Jamie is the other character that I know you’re going to love because well his name is romance literature gold if you’re a die-heart Outlander fan, and because Jamie is just so great as a character. I find that I really enjoy characters that have a great character development, a journey that I can either relate to or empathize with, but better yet, a character that I can just serious root for during the entire book, thus we have Jamie.

The dual path of the stories are can be a little tricky if you’re not paying attention. So this is not the book you want to read if you have to keep an eye on a very busy 2 year old, nor if you’re supposed to be cooking dinner. Both of those events I have been extremely guilt on, so please take my mistakes and learn from them, or else you to will be eating burnt pasta!

“Love Me Like You Do” is extremely emotional, or at least a more emotional read that I have ever experiences in my previous romance novels, It was really hard for me to read this book without having my husband rush to my side thinking something emotionally happen in my non reading reality!If my love for the character Jamie could ever be challenge then it would lose hands down to Bella. Bella is a big girl, and I feel that she is my spirit animal at times. Bella like myself, and probably other people, switches between being perfectly okay with her body type, and being 100% not being okay. Mind you there are more examples today about women being extremely proud if not happy with being a big girl such as the plus size model Irska Lawrence, whose proud to be a plus size women, and finds beauty in each and every curvy. This is why as much as I love Bella for our connection with our love/hate relationship with our bodies, I never used my insecurity of my body size from stopping my husband from finding my attractive. So I really did not see how she could question why Jamie would find her attractive.

Loving couple in bed. Beautiful young loving couple lying in bed and kissing

I would think it would he more devastating if she as a big girl and NO ONE EVER FOUND HER SEXY but yet here is this guy clearly into her, yet she’s become her own down fall. But Bella is not only to blame, Jamie is a big confusing in the story to, honestly everyone is confused about their feelings anti makes a for a realistic confusing read throughout the plot of the book, which is why I like it so damn much! I know you’re probably reading this and thinking, Lia…you like the confusing relationship between two main characters on their path to romantic happiness? Answer: Yes, because I know my romantic journey to becoming in love, then marriage to my husband was WAY MORE CONFUSING that anything Sarah Clinton could write, while having people believe it to be truly realistic. So a little romantic confusion between characters sorting out their feelings is just another great read for me!

close up portrait of a loving couple looking at the horizon from the shore of the beach

“Love Me Like You Do” is a really different type of romantic novel, that will always having you reach for it when you have a quite moment to yourself. I’m actually really excited to see what happens next, which is a good indications that I am hooked on the tory between Bella, Jamie and Grant. I hope that this review really pushes you towards reading “Love Me Like You Do” by Sasha Clinton because I really need to know what happens NEXT!

Happy Reading Lovelies, and remember “Love Me Like You Do” is Now Available for you’re reading pleasure! So what are you waiting for, go read!

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