Bad Magic by Pseudonymous Bosh Review

Friday, February 5th 2016

Psuedonymous Bosch, happens to be an author for not only the The Secret Series but also the Bad Series. It seems that these two series are actually connected through character relationships. In The Name of This Book is Secret, features a character name M.E., Max-Ernest as well as his friend Cass, who were on their way to discover a secret. I have not read this series but after reading the  Bad Magic and being approved for an ARC of Bad Luck, I’m more than willing to read more of Psuedonymous Bosh secret writings.

The book starts with a bad word, no not the one you’re thinking of. And certainly not that one! Clay, Max-Ernest young brother asked a very good question after he has said a “bad word”, what exactly makes a word bad?

“You can’t say that-that’s a bad word.”
Clay looked at his brother in confusion. “Why? What did it do?”
 . . . 
On the bus ride home, Clay’s brother couldn’t get Clay’s question out of his head. What did bad words do? What made them bad? Finally, he had an answer: “Bad words are bad because they make people feel bad. That’s what they do.”

I have to say that is a clever explanation on what a “bad word” is. I’m going to take this quote and place it in my mental parental pocketbook of safekeeping. But Clay’s question leads to more questions. If bad words make people feel bad then good words must make people feel good, and magical words? Well it goes without saying, magical words must make people feel magical! Thus Max-Ernes and Clay start created “bad magic” and you’re probably thinking what the heck is bad magic?
I can assure you my first thought I when I saw “Bad Magic” was this:

 . . . I was wrong. I could tell you what  bad magic means but it would very bad of me to do so.

As time goes by Clay turns eleven years old why Mx-Ernest, from The Secret series, has disappeared without giving a proper explanation of his whereabouts expect for a single post card that says:

Dear Family,
You will not hear from you for a while
Do not worry.
Love, M-E

Whenever someone says”Don’t Worry,” instead of worrying I panic! I need to know what’s Max-Ernest up to, or at least what’ he’s not up to which means P.B. has me hooked to read the The Secret series.  I love it when authors allow characters to make a cameo during other novels that they are working on,  it makes it so exciting for the readers like me to enjoy!
Thanks PB!
While Max-Ernest is gone, Clay is feeling a tad bit abandoned by his adoring older brother. Max-Ernest means the world to Clay, giving him inspiration into magic, creating a brotherly bound through magic tricks. Instead Clay finds himself in front of Mr. Bailey, his first period language teacher as the state their option about the purpose of magic, and how they would choose to use magic if they were characters in Williams Shakespeare’s play The Tempest. Unable to write anything Clay manages to get a separate assignment from Mr. Bailey allowing him to  write what ever he wants in this journal given to him by Mr. Baily to earn his class credit. It’s when he writes in the journal that everything goes down hill causing Clay to spend the summer as a “struggling youth” on an Earth Ranch camp.

This book is absolutely fantastic.

I’m giving this book a solid 4 out of 5 stars.


Bad Magic is a fun book, Little Brown Books Young Readers might be considered a middle school book, but I dare any adult to read this book and see if it’s not meant for us. There are so many wonderful pop culture references in this book that makes me love it even more!

It’s extremely rare for me to read a book that actually felt more like I was listening to someone speak to me and not actually reading the words. I felt like I talking with the narrator instead of being told what is happening to the characters next. The small inserts of illustrations that where in the novel where another absolutely prefect touch to the experiences of reading this novel. Did I mention, the narrator of the book is witty, funny, full of great feel good moments lol moments, because I feel that it’s important that I tell you that!

I really enjoyed reading this book
I hope my review persuades you to read this novel too!
I hope your all have a great day
Happy Ready!

About Pseudonymous Bosch

Pseudonymous Bosch is the anonymous pseudonymous author of the Secret Series and The Bad Books. Not much is known about him other than that he has a passionate love of chocolate and cheese and an equally passionate hatred of mayonnaise. Rumors of Boschian sightings are just as frequent and about as reliable as reports of alien abductions. If you ever meet anyone claiming to be Pseudonymous himself he is almost certainly an impostor. The real Pseudonymous is said currently to be hiding in a cave in a remote jungle (although there are contrary reports that he is somewhere in Greenland).

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