Beyond Sanctuary by Janet E. Morris Review

Friday, December 23rd 2016

This book was given to me through the power of Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


Do you like fantasy, fiction, historical fiction and of course epic adventure with a hint of dystopia! Well, I finally found a book for you to read, and hopefully enjoy! Behold the epic adventure created by Janet E. Morris.

Janet Ellen Morris is an American author who has been writing since 1976. She’s written more than twenty novels as well as co-authored with  her Chris Morris, her husband, as well as David Drake. But none of that could prepare you for the adventure that you’re going to read on this upcoming series Beyond Sanctuary.

Let’s talk about the cover since it’s holds a great importance to the overall theme of the novel. The cover is the famous panting of Peter Paul Ruben’s 1618 painting of “The Death of of Decius Mus Battle”. If you ever want to judge a book by its cover this is the book to do it! The cover truly represents the overall book showcases the fantastic magical, if not strongly illustrates the epic stealth of military sorties along with extreme mature themes.

The mature scenes in the novel are all types of “Adult-appropriate”sexual scenes that are both abundant and intriguing *wiggle eyebrows*.

The book really fallow the characters Tempus and Niko. The story tells the story of both characters but at the same time it really fallow the story of Nicko’s who plights are more distressing and demanding of the two characters, while the character Tempus is more in the present.  What’s really interesting is the fact that Tempus I s living  a curse *Que. dramatic music!* where those who he loves actually get hurt, while Niko has  to deal with the losing of his scared partner? This book is not a light read, this book has some serious plot lines that would ripe your heart in pieces and my heart in vengeance!

This book is a really great read especially if you are a lover of epic fantasies, especially if you love Brandon Sanderson and etc.

Janet Morris’ Beyond Sanctuary is the first volume of a trilogy I really hope more people take the time to read. This novel combines  Beyond the Veil and Beyond Wizardwall, which is why it’s such a large read, that’s still amazing.

This novel is driven in eloquent, intelligent characters who are written with real emotions, real relations to serious problems that they face, but they are also really written in depth with the normal amount of human emotion that readers can relate to despite the epic proportion of the area surrounding them. The novel is also great combination of lectures, classical tradition of characters speaking, with multiple major/minor plot points and sub plots that are all bursting from the seams of this book.

I’m not even sure, if my review can actually cover how amazing this novel this is! It’s a big read, it’s an epic read but it’s a great read that I really hope you take the time to read because it’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


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