Fan Art of Kaz Brekker

Friday, June 2nd 2017


Bastard of the Barrel

Leader of the Dregs

Kaz Brekker is no ordinary 17 year old living on the streets of Ketterdam. Kaz is a cold-hearted ruthless bastard , who at the best of time is mostly known for performing any type of job for hire. Kaz’s always wears gloves, earning the name ‘Dirtyhands’  from the types of jobs he’s willing to do despite if they’re bloody or despicable. Even though, Kaz is a very convincing manipulator he’s also the person who seizes control in any if not ever situation. It’s why he was able to serve on the unforgiving streets of Ketterdam when others would have quickly perished. Kaz is cruel in nature but he’s also a quick witted thinker  and while others have a trick up their sleeves, Kaz manages to place an entire deck of cards up his sleeves for any and ever possible situation. What else would you expect from an expert lock-picker, card trickster, and professional at sleight of hand artist. he has no Grisha powers but his kills are so complex that Matthias often called him a demjin, meaning demon. Which could be true since Kaz hardly shows any emotions,  and when he does want to show emotions it’s very difficult for him to express them properly The range that Kaz does  express without any hesitation or difficulties are always wrath and anger.

What I love about Kaz is the fact that his backstory is more complex than I orignally realize when reading Leigh Barudgo’s Six of Crows. I wanted to hate Kaz for how cruel and evil he appeared within the first few chapters of the book, but quickly realize first impressions aren’t the best to judge a character, even if they are in a book. Do you want to know the truth about Kaz Brekker, because the truth is hidden in a book. I’m not going to spoil it for you!

The image that you see in this post is just my fan art of how I viewed Kaz Brekker. In the book he’s mentioned to have very pale skin, with hair trimmed short on the sides. His eyes are a brown that is so dark that it looks like coffee. He’s also described to have a sharp jawline with a lean muscular build. Did I mention that he walks with a  crow tipped cane?

Kaz Brekker in progress

Clearly my image does not have a cane, nor is my version of Kaz a deep brunette. I wanted to test out my Copicmakers, and I wanted to draw the Kaz I saw in my mind while I was reading Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom. I’ve always saw Kaz as a character whose never frazzled by a situation, at leas never physically showing it. That’s why I wanted to show a scared Kaz whose physically frazzled but facially focused. I wanted him to be equally parts cruel and beautiful. When readers read Six of Crows Kaz is 17 years old leader of the Dregs, but at one point in time he was new to Ketterdam, I’m sure he didn’t win each and ever fight he’s ever been in. I never used Copic Markers before, nor have I ever attempted to scan the image into the computer! Who knew light could be such a killer to a great marker art work, none the less this is my image of Kaz Brekker. He’s not a prefect illustration of the book description, yet I’m proud of him.

Lia’s Covington illustration of Kaz Brekker

WIP Copic Marker Fear!

Thursday, May 18th 2017


Late Night Sketching

Wednesday, May 17th 2017

Its a late night of watching MSNBC news reports with my mom, and I’m spending the time both learning about politics and spending some quite time with my mom. I should warn you I am not a political person but I am aware that I should at least be responsibility of being aware pf the decisions being made for me or rather without me.  None the less I can seem to stop thinking about two things

1 Is that sound Zoe waking up?

2 Starz American Gods!

I know none of these things are political yet they have taken over the main thoughts of my mind.

I never read a Neil Gaiman ” adult” book! I’ve read Coraline and I didn’t finish it… or I finished it and can’t remember if there was much of a difference compared to the animated movie. Don’t judge me! It was a long time ago! I’m getting old! The point is the last time I read a Neil Gaiman book was many bookshelves ago! None the less I fell in love with the second episode of American Gods episode featuring Orlando Jones as the West African and Caribbean folklore deity Anansi. Growing up in the Bahamas any spider that was “listening” to you in your home was ether Anansi or a servant of Anansi, regardlessif that was true I never liked spiders. Now that I am adult I am nolonger afraid of spider once my OBGYN doctor showed me my own uterus after giving birth. Trust me, after you seen your childs first apartment and you are in fact that “apartment” spiders are the least on your level of fear.  TRUST ME!

Back to the art! I love the speech Anansi (Orlando Jones) gave to the slaves in episode two of Starz American Gods! I also was traumatize by the idea of a Goddess of Love being so adored by her worshippers that they in fact cause adults to be practically swallowed by her GODLY VAGINA! Seriously Blisque how badass do you’re orgasms have to be to reborn someone! Even though I felt that see was visually odd I love the message of adornment and power. I also combined my feelings with Orlando Jones speech as Anansi to the newly captured slaves. Those two messages inspired me to draw an empowered woman. I’m not sure if I want her to be slave or just a African descendant who is both enslaved by her color and empowered by what it means to be Black in America. I hope that makes sense if not just focus on the pretty picture! 

ICYMI: I created Fan Art of Zoraida Còrdova’s Labyrinth Lost

Friday, August 19th 2016



Now as some of you may have already notice, I have been drawing some fan art for this book. Honestly, you might be surprised but I actually have a degree in fine arts. Meaning once upon a time, I use to make my living from drawing/creating artwork. One of the issues I had when during my early career is that employers would complain that my figures looked to “ethnic” or that they looked to “animated”. Now that is not the case any more since there are artist that draw in their own unique style of “anime” or ” manga” style. I haven’t draw “fanart” in years, even more shy to showcase my artwork since I don’t have all the latest tech that I would want. I have to admit I don’t like all the artwork I did, since my last car accident (the very same car accident I found out I was pregnant) I felt that my hands and I don’t agree with what my mind is telling it to do. None the less, I found a lot of comfort in Zoraida Còrdova treating my artwork like it is the most amazing pieces of artwork ever. She’s so kind, she’s so thoughtful, and she’s extremely sweet. I’m really hoping to create more artwork for more book series in the future! Yet I’m really happy to spread the word of how amazing, and how connected I feel towards this book and it’s author! So here are a few images of the characters that I hope you will be meeting yourself!

Meet Alex!
A Brujas who will do what ever it takes to rescue her love ones back, even if it makes traveling to the spirit world of Los Lagos!


Meet Nova, a strange young Brujo, whose strange markings, and smart remarks lead more into his mystery than you would expect. Can Alex rely on him, when it comes to helping to rescue her family?
Can I please have some more Nova!


King of the Faun: Agosto
Honestly, I can’t tell you about this guy, but let me just tell you this, I need more of him. Are you reading this Zoraida! I really need more of Him and NOVA PWEASE! Just know within the land of Los Logas, there is a path if taken you’ll end of having dinner with this sexy beast.



Remember all these characters were created by the lovely Zoraida Còrdova wonderful book Labyrinth Lost.