Downfall Monday’s

Wednesday, August 9th 2017


I really hate Monday’s! I think you all know this because I constantly write about how much I truly hate Monday’s, well now I have a reason to truly hate this weeks Monday. I asked my husband to make cookies for our adorable two-year old.

For some strange reason his cookies look less like adorable fun edible circles and more like a military attempt to make edible nuclear weapons. I couldn’t have my child eating edible nuclear weapons, so I sent my husband with our own little cookie monster off to the store to buy some, dear I say it, store-bought cookies. Listen, that is the sound of ever Betty Crocker baker dying of shock. ¬†Yes I sent my husband and child to buy some sugary cookies from the grocery store. I figured since they were on their way out of the house, I might as well use this time to walk my other child, Alcide the Husky. Everything was perfectly fine, our daughter was the first person to walk down the flight of stairs in front of our front door with success. The second person to go down the stairs was my four-legged companion, next was me. The third person to come down the stairs, and third time’s truly a charm because not only did I manage to make it down the stairs without touching one step but I also managed to hit the mental front door with my face. I’m not even sure how I managed to fall down the stairs the way I did but I did it. I fell down those stairs with no grace or charm. I felt like those ridiculous people n the infomercials for elder folks constantly falling from the slightest touch of the stairs touching their feet.

I wish I could say the fall from yesterday wasn’t to serious but I would be lying because the sent me straight in the arms the Emergency Care. Not only did I managed to give myself a slight concousion, I apparently gave my ESA Dog a heart attack. Poor dog jumped in my lap after my husband peeled me off the metal door and sat me on the steps. Poor Aclide wanted to lick my face until my pride of falling down the stairs. Apparently I managed to have a slight concousion and a really horrible muscle spasm that apparent is connected to my spine that is extremely nauseating and painful.

This all happen on Monday, did I tell you I hate Mondays?

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