I’m so excited for Roshani Chokshi!

Tuesday, April 26th 2016

When I woke up this morning my husband had NO IDEA why I was so excited for April 26th! He honestly though I was excited for my doctors appointment, psshhh as if! I am excited for the entire world to meet Roshani Chokshi’s characters Maya and Amar!

I had the pleasure of reading The Star Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi through the powers of Netgallery. As a new book blogger having the opportunity to have the chances to read an Advance Readers Copy of such a huge publication company of St. Martin’s Griffin. Honestly I felt extremely fancy! After reading The Star-Touched Queen I felt royal! O.M.G. I felt so alive, so happy and so proud! A tale of a brown skin strong heroine following her heart where ever it leads her seek  her own happiness let alone the happiness of the one she loves! Seriously, where can I get a star crown at?

The Star-Touched Queen is an amazing mixture of cultural influences, love lost, love being earned, in addition to love being restored. I have to admit I am a big fan of the tales of Persephone and Hades. I refused to eat a pomegranate until there is a blanket of white snow on the ground. The romantic elements of having someone so different from the average depiction of a handsome romantic figure always steals my heart. So mix this with my mothers love of Bollywood films, AND Sarah J.Maas, my heart was automatically stolen by Roshani Chokshi.

The way ChokshRoshani Chokshii creates a world that is so carefully detailed in cultural details makes me feel like I can taste the spices that the character smells. Feel the texture of the heavy  embellished garments that Ma
ya wore. While reading this gorgeously immersive illustration of Akaran, I never felt as if I was reading, instead I felt like I was standing behind each characters action. The way that Chokshi writes feels like someone is whispering you a bed time story. You’re constantly placed in a trace where you don’t want to go to sleep nor do you want to fully be awake, instead you’re place in the realm between the dream world. A place where your logical mind is at rest but your inquisitive mind of wonder is fully able to explore the possibilities of pushing the boundaries of reality.
I love The Star-Touched Queen so much I had to ask what other tales contributed to its creation. Thankfully Choski is an absolute delight, she answered all my questions!

This is definitely a novel you’ll want to read over and over again, perhaps even invest in the audiobook for the days you’re not able to sit down to read. I strongly recommend this novel if you’re a fan of the 1998 movie The Little Princess, double recommend this novel for all the fans of either:

The Rose and The Dagger  by Renèe Ahdieh
The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury

I recommend this novel for anyone who believes in true love, or riding to the ends of the world for the ones they love!

Also for the brief chances that maybe, JUST MAYBE Roshani Choski has stumbled upon this blog let me just say this:

Dear Roshani Chokshi

I was granted the pleasure of reading your book February 27th 2016 and I’m still trying to find your silver star crown! Since then, I have posted a praising review of your book on my blog, Lia’s Bookish Obsession and told everyone within 200 miles how much I love your book.

I feel in  love with Maya’s cursed horoscope of dark promises of Death & Destruction. Heck I don’t even have a dark horoscope and the world is against me just walking up a flight of stairs! My heart instantly missed a beat when Amar came bearing nothing but magnificent haunting environment of glass gardens, tree bearing memories instead of edible fruit, along with my favorite many secrets! Thousand secretes hidden away behind thousands of locked doors and heart ache. How could I not fall in love with this book? Don’t even get me started on the flesh eating snarky horse! Your novel may only have 352 pages, yet each word written on those pages have stolen my heart a thousand times over.

Growing up in a Caribbean country that solely survives on imports allows multiple opportunities for those traveling to share their favorite childhood stories with us. Just by sitting on the docks with my parents watching cargo ships be repaired, restocked, or reloading I’ve managed to hear A LOT of stories. Reading your novel made me feel like a child again listening to a great story teller webbing a world beyond what I can see with their words. I don’t know how else to describe what your novel has done to my heart but you are a great storyteller, a enchantress of realms and I’m so happy to have had the chances to read your novel as an ARC, as an adult who was a child who desperately need diverse in books; and finally a mother who can’t wait to share this novel with her daughter!

Humbly dedicated to you dear author and St. Martin’s Griffin,
Lia’s Bookish Obsession

Happy Reading Y’ll

About Roshani Chokshi

Hi! I’m Roshani. My first book is being published by MacMillan. I live in a house the color of a pistachio and pay homage to a Great Pyr named Panda each morning. My stories draw on my heritage as a half-Filipina and half-Indian. I have one fake tooth (so far). Ten points to Gryffindor if you guess which one.

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