Magnate (Acquisition #2) by Celia Aaron

Saturday, April 30th 2016


Before I begin this review I would like to give a warm Thank You to Celia Aaron!
I am extremely thankful that she allowed me the chances to read Magnate since I missed my opportunity to request it on Netgallery! I’m rather embarrassed that I didn’t keep a closer watch on the Acquisition Series! I only remembered it when I was at Book Blogging Conference at Los Vegas speaking about my dark fictional boyfriend Sinclair Vinemont. It was then I realize I have totally need to know  . . .
This is why I want to say a sincere thank you to CELIA AARON for allowing me the chances to read WHAT HAPPENS TO STELLA DURING CHRISTMAS!
Unfortunately now that my question has been answered I have my question for her!
I’m rather excited that the Sovereign is  April 28th 2016

Now on to the review!
OoOoOoOoOo Celia Aaron
How do I love the let me count the spankings!

I wrote the review for the  Counsellor, a few months ago admitting that this is not the type of book you won’t to tell your friends and family you’r reading. Heck it might not be safe for your spouse to see you reading this book or they might think of some kinky ideas, however this novel was my first taste, (HA I said taste!) of dark romance erotica. After attending the Book Blogger Conferences and a few writing panels I learnt that writing erotica is EXTREMELY different from other genre of writing because the formula.
Let’s imagine the formula is . . .
80% Sex
10% Plot
10% Dialogue
according to publication/publishers.

Celia Aaron has an incredible writing style of luring us (Ha I said luring!) into this unspeakble contemporary environment that Stella has found herself in. We, like Stella, do not understand the rules of this barbaric game. We don’t understand why Sinclair (yummy Sinclair . . .) has this hot/cold natural mood swings. There is so much about this story that truly leave us wondering what exactly is happening. While Stella is trying to figure out the rules of this sexual game we start to get to know the Vinemont brothers.
Sweet Teddy

The Magnate starts off exactly where the Counsellor cliffhanger ended. Stella has decided to choice Lucius. When that decision was made I was extremely excited for Stella because I did not like the attitude that Sinclair displaces in the first. I actually had a huge problem with Sinclair during  the first novel! Sinclair has this ability to turn me all the way on, but then he chances his characteristic so drastically that I have to re-read the passage to make it’s the same character! Total turn off!
However in the Magnate novel I am complete on Team Sinclair! Lucius never stole my heart, nor did I find him as interesting as Sinclair. I did enjoy the sibling rivalry that they held in this novel, that truly brought them together through in it’s experiences or should I say reveal (Cue dramatic music). I love the contrast that Sinclair shows now that we have learnt more about him. Oh Sin you’re not as evil as you want us to think, yet you are deviously naughty *wiggles eyebrows*
As much as my core,( and I mean my heart, you dirty mind *wink*) wants to fall into Sinclair’s spidery grasp I love Teddy!
OoOoOoOoOoOo Sweet Teddy!
I should have known Celia Aaron was creating a trap for my heart to be snared when it came to sweet Teddy! Now I have to know what’s going to happen in the last and final novel of the  Acquisition series.

I’m already thrilled to read the  Sovereign!

What is my rating on this novel?
I gave it . . . .

I gave this book a 4.5 star review!
It truly turned me complete around to dark erotica romances!
I love the dialogue
I love the usage of romances
I love the mystery cliff hanger
I hate the heart wrenching plot twist but it only excites me to read on!
OoOoOoOo Celia Aaron why did you leave my heart in such a lurch!
If you have read the first Acquisition novel the Counsellor and had some reservations I urge you to take the time and give it a second chances and read the Magnate novel!
Celia Aaron has an amazing way of writing an exciting unexplainable contemporary dark romances that has reading between the sheets!
Thanks Again to Celia Aaron for providing me this lush novel!
Humbly yours!
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