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Wednesday, May 4th 2016

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is happy to present you a Much of Madness by S. E. Summa‘s book review brought to us by the powers f Netgallery. Usually I create a photography collage of subjective images from the novel for the featured image but the book cover of Much of Madness  is just simply Macabre! Honestly this novel needs no more help in luring readers to it’s pages! Especially now that the novel is averrable for readers since it’s publication
February 29th 2016

Much of Madness is a unique novels concept I have read to date. One of the features that I though were extremely special of Marc a character that has the ability to see the underlining plot of Death. Marc has the ability to see how a curse works before actually activating the curse itself. The initial concept of the idea is amazing however, please note that I honestly wished the concept would have been worked throughout the novel more. I would have really like to see that idea fully explored more, however what really captivated my interest is how S. E.
Much of Madness is a great novel set in my favorite setting of New Orleans, however even the setting couldn’t stop my curiously of why there isn’t more character development nor more variety of characters. The characters that S.E. Summa has provided are interesting , it’s because of their interesting nature that more time is needed to get to them know better.
Finn’s Sin Eating is a great example, readers are told about the scenario instead of witnessing it. S.E.Summa shares most of the information through dialogue instead of allowing readers to see it through the characters actions. There is a vulnerability to characters that allow readers to hold on to them passed the time when the book is finished. The same can be said about Max and his ambitions or his overall concepts/plans that could. Then there is Mistress Death, which of course all I could think of at the time was Death from the Marvel Deadpool Comics! None the less this to could of have readers witnessing more events than being told since most of the actions where done away from the readers. This is one of the issues I have, I love the characters so much I just wish I got to spend more time with them then being told about them while I was reading.
I feel that all these items that I spoke about are tiny in comparison to how great the overall unique plots, plot twist, characters and setting. I feel that S. E. Summa going to blow is all away when time comes to reveal the next novel of this series. I’m rather excited to see what happens next!
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About S.E. Summa

I live just south of Nashville with my husband and a menagerie of spoiled pets. After my daughter left the nest, I rediscovered my love for writing. Growing up in Nashville, I always felt the city’s unique culture and landmarks would be the perfect setting for monsters to play.

I’m a PRO member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA), and serve as the Volunteer and Membership Coordinator for my local chapter, the Music City Romance Writers (MCRW). I graduated magna cum laude with a BBA from Belmont University.

I started The Debut Collective, a supportive tribe of authors (both published and aspiring), editors, formatters, and cover designers working together to foster a new generation of stories and authors.

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