One Stop Killer Drop Book Review

Friday, January 22nd 2016

A light-hearted young adult novel, that fallows the journey of Marcus, a spoiled lad who realizes to late that his reckless nature can lead towards some serious consequences to those dearest, or nearest to him.
Marcus never truly understands why Tom, his best friend has to be so difficult. If you want something just buy it, that’s what money is there for. And Marcus has more than enough money to buy what he wants in addition to what he’s best friend wants as well.  Hey what are best friends for? That’s the exact train of thought, that Marcus has when he schemed a little of his  trust fund money to make sure his best friend Tom could come to the schools ski trip in Whislter, BC, no big deal!

To show you how much of a Big Deal, this place is take a look at this place!

Just one more picture, please!

I’ve already planned my next Christmas Vacation for this place it’s GORGEOUS! I wish someone would pay for ticket there right now!

Everything is easy access for Marcus especially when you have a typhoon businessman as your dad, but there’s things that even Daddy’s layers can’t fix. Leaving Marcus for the first time in his life to deal with the consequences of his own actions frighten Marcus to the very core. How will he  handle this emotional reality of growing up?

I am very honored that [publisher] gave me the opportunity to read Killer Drop. This contemporary novel has wonderful tone to with its direct narrative. I found once I started reading I couldn’t stop until I finished! Which only made me want to quickly tell you guys home much I love this short read. For us a short book it really made its point clear and direct, money can’t solve everything.

I give this novel 4 out of 5 stars.

I would recommend this novel to anyone whose read Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger with enjoyment. I believe this is a great short novel to place between your fantasy series to help you prepare for the decent to reality. It’s a heart-felt coming of age story that I believe anyone will enjoy reading, especially the YA fan groups of all ages!

I felt that there where parts of the novel that could have extended to give me a better  chances to know the characters, BUT  . . .but this novel covered a vast amount of topics in short a time.

The epilogue for the novel gave it a nice ending, though I wish there was a better way for Marcus to let go of his past instead of literally seeing it in flames, even though it’s a symbolic gesture. Marcus had to deal with some serious struggles in a short time to gain the world’s perspective of a man instead of a child. *sigh* I my heartfelt for Marcus the entire time.

 I have to say that it’s been This wonderful heartfelt novel when it’s available on September 1st 2016. I’m grateful for the opportunity given to me by James Lorimer & Company.

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Mette Bach is a Vancouver author, teacher, screenwriter, and director. She was born in Denmark and grew up in North Delta, BC. Mette attended Simon Fraser University where she received a Bachelor of Arts with an Honours English major.

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