Places No One Knows by Brenna Yovanoff ARC Review!

Friday, May 20th 2016

Do not be fooled by this gorgeous cover
Do not be fooled by this gorgeous cover
Places No One Knows by Brenna Yovanoff will force you to rebuild your emotional walls. . .

The ReviewEmotional. Exposed. Inspirational. Encouraging. True.Honest. Bold
Summarizing my review in a few words after reading   Places No One Knows by Brenna Yovanoff those would be the only words needed to express my emotional journey through the dual perspectives of Marshall & Waverly. These two incredible intelligent teenagers do more than fall in love within the novel, they create a deep rooted conversation about social class structure, group mentality, false identity verses true identity, family strength/dynamics/structures, and the list can go on. This is a novel that brings so many topics to the surfaces that it’s not easy to review. I feel that I can possible re-read this book every week and I’ll find another topic/subtopic that emotional impacted me different overtime. While reading this contemporary coming to oneself novel, it brought back memories of not just my early educational career but also my upper level. This novel might be a young adult novel but the topics in which is covers is truly ground breaking for all.

Yovanoff is an unique if not INCREDIBLE talent for creating emotional driven scenes that honestly exposes vulnerability of her characters that also tethers to our own personal emotional connection of wanting. Everyone has experiences a moment of wanting, perhaps we still are. Wanting to be better. Wanting to fit in. Wanting to stand out. Wanting to be understood. Wanting to be loved. Wanting more subscribers, perhaps? Okay maybe that might be my own personal want. We honestly never stop wanting, although as years pass on we might want different aspects of our life.
Brenna Yovanoff is extremely talented, I can not say it enough!  I’m extremely cross with myself, for not reading her works sooner. It’s only by faith, I managed to gain a copy of Places No One Knows on my last day of RT Los Vegas 2016. I feel that I might not have never had the opportunity to gain the physical ARC if it wasn’t for me attending the TeensDay  event. I’m so thankful that I was able to grab this beautiful pink book since it completely destroyed me while reading. Not gonna lie to you I had fell asleep multiple times clutching this book to my heart. It’s just that good.

Usually I can read a book containing 300 pages in less than 15 hours, however I could not read this book without taking crying breaks. Oh this book will hit you right in the emotional bucket of tears. I also wanted to wait a few days after the release of the novel, since I could not trust myself not to give out spoilers. But can I just say I love Marshall.
The character that I connected with the most is Marshall. He is a 17 year old boy, whose having more difficult in his life than someone twice his age. He, unfortunately like most peeps with his age or mentality, finds comfort in self indulging in the realm of bad decisions. Honestly Mars is not a bad person, he’s not the sum of his family nor is he the sum of his actions. Mars is a great character to fall in love with, and I want everyone to read this novel so we can all fall in love with him. He’s swoon worthy not because of his phsyical built but his heart. Marshall is sensitive, loving, caring, observant, hardworking, and extremely deserving of a best fictional boyfriend status. I found Marshall to be a refreshing fictional boyfriend because he fixed himself, literally. Usually in a contemporary YA novel the males are the ones that get emotionally rescued by the female counter part, however this is not the case. Waverly & Marshallmake a great set of characters to read since their situations are so opposite yet they both have extremely similar situations with different results. Where Marshall might externally destroy himself, Waverly internally destroys herself. Where Marshall is rather openly expressive about his feelings, Waverly is not. Together they are about to  help each other while focusing on themselves. There are to many contemporary YA novels where the romantic couple need to be with each other, thus their thrown together instantly. This is not the case. Waverley makes Marshall feel like a a better person, yet he doesn’t wait until Waverly decides if she loves Marshall before he changes himself for the better. That honestly warms my heart. The subtle message of not needing the confirmation of affection to better youself when you can just simple better yourself because you want to be better. Be a better person for you and also for the person you love.

I’m so thankful Brenna Yovanoff created Marshall because he’s all I ever wanted but couldn’t obtain from Jennifer Niven’s character Theadore Finch from her novel  All The Places You Will Go, another tearful novel. I have the ARC of Places No  One Knows but I’m excited to purchases the final copy to place next to Theodore Finch.
Happy Reading
What was the last book you read that made you cry?

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