Siren’s Fury by Mary Weber Book Review

Wednesday, March 2nd 2016

If pictures can say a thousand words then this photo truly express how I felt entering the sequel of Mary Weber Siren’s Fury. Nym was warned that she wasn’t going to have them both and he surely did make good on his promise! I could tell how the book was starting to unravel that the plot might have ended in this way but I still couldn’t prep my heart for the utter betrayal!
I can see why the sequel of the Storm Siren is more popular than the initial book. It’s still a great series none the less, which is why I am so happy that I was offer the chances to write this review by Thomas Nelson Fiction publication in exchange for an honest review.


“Just as the last of him disappears and the guards surrounding me prod me forward, I swear a whisper floats back. Eogan’s breath breezing across my soul, “Don’t let him take who you are.” They were Colin’s last words. Except Draewulf’s already taken who I am. What I am. Along with the people I love. I pick up following the delegates who’ve stopped to wait for me and glance down at my bandaged hands, my fingers, my gimpy wrist, as the words stir something in my soul awake. I won’t let him take any more.”
― Mary Weber, Siren’s Fury


“I thrust my hand toward the sky as my voice begs the Elemental inside me to waken and rise. But it’s no use. The curse I’ve spent my entire life abhorring—the thing I trained so hard to control—no longer exists.”

Where to begin?

This novel is more popular than the first novel Storm Siren, in the series and I can see why! This novel took me a longer time to read than the previous novel in the series. I wanted to make sure that I gave this novel all my attention so I can give an hope and honest review requested of me by Thomas Nelson-Fiction. I feel the first novel was filled with more passion or romantic intent between Nym and her trainer, Eogan. I feel that Mary Weber focused so much on creating a romantic relationship between Eogan and Nym, so we can better understand why Nym would try do hard through Siren’s Fury to get the one person she loved back. The entire novel is extremely action pack, with political discussions,  countries fighting,  friendships become lost and regained, abilities are gained and regained by the help of witchery.

I enjoyed reading this book however I felt that I would have loved having a mixture of action, adventure and romances, although this novel held a lot of lost instead of the earlier novel of love. I know that Nym is in love with Eogan, but I would have loved more cheeky attention from Myles. I feel that if Myles truly wanted Nym to be apart of his diabolical plan he should have tried to be a tad bit more charming. We already know through Storm Siren, that Myles isn’t exactly the prefect man to fall in love with, but charm can go a long way. I’m not asking our heroine Nym to fall in love with the greedy nature of Myles but I would have liked him to be a little more charming as a character that way I could have loved him during the absences of Eogan being trapped.

I honestly feel that Siren’s Fury, is truly suffering from middle-book-syndrome I only hope that the series explains to a better ending than the tiny cliff hangers this novel left us on. I’m more excited for the fact that Nym has grown so strong as a character, she’s truly changed from the heartbroken slave to a more powerful heroine with her own natural powers. The third novel is going to be exciting for sure.
I honestly hope you enjoyed this review!


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Happy Reading you guys

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