The Beauty of Darkness (The Remnant Chronicles, #3) by Mary E. Pearson

Thursday, August 25th 2016

“Love didn’t end all at once, no matter how much you needed it to or how inconvenient it was. You couldn’t command love to stop any more than a marriage document could order it to appear. Maybe love had to bleed away a drop at a time until your heart was numb and cold and mostly dead.”
 This books AMAZING!
First and for most I have to say that I was really surprised about how this series ended. The first book, The Kiss of Deception, gave the tone that The Remnant series, was going to be epic love triangle between a hired Assassin, a Prince, and a runaway bride of a Princess. Within he first book we saw each character forget who they are, as they took on the false identity of another. We began to fall in love with each characters vulnerability, their flaws, and most of all their true character beyond the pressures of responsibility to kingdoms, royal subjects, and loyalties. I truly love this book so much. As romantic reader, I will say I was disappointed that the fellow I wanted Lia to shack up with was not an option. I found it so odd since they had such a strong connection in the previous book that they would end up being just “comrades” by the third book. Even though I read this book within 18 hours (no sleep for the wicked!) I quickly began to realize that there is more than love than lust for these characters. The love that my fellow truly needs is one of a gentle heart. Someone that he can put his past behind him and truly start over with a gentle push of life. [Those of you, who’ve already read the book . . . are you enjoying my puns! LOL]
I’m really proud for Lia! Ya’ll already know I stand by what Lia did in the book full force! I stand by the message I took within this series. This series, The Remnant series, wasn’t focused on the love triangle of early adults or late teens. What I took from this series, is the fact that this Princess wanted to be more than a product of her kingdom. She wanted to have a voice, a say, and stand for what she felt was right. This novel really didn’t focus on magic as much as it focuses on the inner strength of “knowing” what feels right, the “knowing” is like seeing the solution of a problem but trying to get all the mathematical rough work on paper in order to PROVE you’re solution is correct.
What I love most about this series is the HUGE amount of character growth that Mary E.  Pearson gave to all of her characters. The transformation of the characters is startling, especially when you think back to how they were introduced to us within The Kiss of Deception. I am really shocked author much I am honestly going to miss these grow of talented, brave, and strong characters that I have grown to love so dearly within  The Remnant series!What I love MOST about this book?
What I love MOST about this book is the series started off as a hated love triangle, yet needed within the writing of a feminist writer. Giving Lia the strength and the courage that we witness from the first chapter of the first book, when she decided to stand up for what felt right. Lia decided that she did not want to be a pod in a battle between alliances-through-marriage. She wanted to be given the same freedoms that we’re offered to her brothers. I love the fact that Lia’s mother raised Lia to be strong. Even though Lia is the youngest child, she seemed like she was the oldest. Her bravery, strength, along with her strong voice, seem like it was older than her own parents when it came time to voice her mind. Of course not all male characters enjoyed hearing what Lia had to say, but unless they wanted an egg on their ankles they quickly learnt that her bravery, wisedom, and strength were not to be tested.What I like LEAST about the book?
The book is written within the split POV of Kaden Penelope, Rafe, and Lia. Usually when you’re reading in multiple POVs you as a reader, are able to learn more about the characters thoughts, perspectives, feeling, and etc. There were times when reading when the POV switched from one character to their love interest perspective with very little information gathered between the both of them, that could have been learnt from the single perspective.
“Love didn’t end all at once, no matter how much you needed it to or how inconvenient it was. You couldn’t command love to stop any more than a marriage document could order it to appear. Maybe love had to bleed away a drop at a time until your heart was numb and cold and mostly dead.”
As some of you already know I am obsessed with romance! Even though I mentioned that this particular book in the series, is more about being a strong person against all odds, the romance story I wanted to know more about was truly kept in the dark. I saw the romance between the characters forming, but I just wish we spent more time with that couple instead of the main couple. At the same time I understand why we spent more time with the main couple, since they contributed more towards the story, the plot, and the over all war that was approaching. But is it just to much to ask for to spend a little bit more time with my character love Kaiden?
Maybe I’m just being completely selfish but I just wanted some more time with Kaiden, a lot more. I want to know what he was thinking more. I wanted to know how he felt. I wanted to see him fall in love with someone that honestly wasn’t going to use him but love him for all that he was never given the chance to before. I’m still extremely pleased with the outcome, I just wish I saw more of the love blossom. Oh well   I still love this series and especially this book!IMG_3536
It makes me even more pleased to have an autograph copy of this BEAUTY!
I can not wait to see what other series, books, and stories Mary E. Pearson has for us in the future!
“It doesn’t matter how many universes come and go, I will always remember who we were together.”
Love You ALL

About Mary E. Pearson

I suppose I have always been enamored with story and character. My mother tells me I could be the most annoying little kid, waking up each day as a new character. Every morning she would have to ask me “who” I was for that day, because unless properly addressed I refused to answer anyone.

One time when I was about four years old, my parents were out shopping at Sears. They each thought the other had me by the hand when in fact I was exploring my own aisle (translation: I was lost!) Two salesladies found me and sat me on the counter, asking me my name so they could page my parents. I remember their consternation when I would only answer “Little Red Riding Hood.” They couldn’t shake my real name out of me no how, no way. I knew the value of persistence even then. My parents say they nearly fell over, when over the loud speaker they heard, “Would the parents of Little Red Riding Hood please come claim their child?” They knew exactly “who” was lost. These days I mostly wake up as myself, though I do seem to hang out with a lot of “characters” during the day.

Usually when people mention their education in their bios they only mention their college degrees, but to me, it is just as important what happened way before that. Wow–second grade! I will never forget Mrs. Alsenz. Boy, could she tell a great story! She would make them up and pretty soon have a classroom of wiggly kids exuberantly telling stories right along with her. And then there was Mrs. Bonsey in fourth grade. She always praised my writing and made a shy little girl feel like she might actually excel at something. And finally in twelfth grade came Mr. Kirk, crusty on the outside with a heart of gold on the inside, who loved the English language and taught his students to do the same. (Hey, Mr. Kirk, do you see me waving at ya?)

Later I went on to get a BFA from Long Beach State University in art. I worked for a time as an artist then started the most challenging job of my life–motherhood. Holy smokes, no one told me there would be no coffee breaks. But it is the most rewarding job I have ever had (watch out–I’ll start dragging out the pictures)

Still later, I went to San Diego State University where I received my teaching credential. I went on to teach many different grades but it was my second grade students who pushed me back into writing. During Writing Workshop I would sit with them and write, loving the process, loving the stories, and lo and behold deciding I would love to return to my first love. That’s a whole lot of lovin’ going on and luckily for me I was able to do just that. Not that writing is easy. I have a huge stack of rejections to prove it, but I still have enough of that Little Red Riding Hood persistence in me to keep on going.

Now I write full time from my home in San Diego. My books to date are The Adoration of Jenna Fox, A Room on Lorelei Street, Scribbler of Dreams, and David v. God. More are definitely on the way

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