The Siren and The Sword by Cecilia Tan

Sunday, February 28th 2016


The Siren and The Sword, is the first book of the Book One of Magic University written by Cecilia Tan. Reading the description I believed this novel would be a magical new adult, fantasy that has elements of the LGBTQ within it. What I did not expect that Cecilia Tan would be a noted erotic romance author. I appreciate the fact that  Riverdale Avenue Books gave the opportunity  to read this novel in exchange of an honest review.

The way this book was presented it made itself seem that it was going to be a fantasy novel that had romance within it, including LGBTQ romantic elements.I also felt that it was going to have a large amount of character depth, plot twist as well as memorable characters because it was compared to the Harry Potter series.  If nothing else isn’ the  Harry Potter serious quite memorable? Aren’t each of us trying to figure out which house we belong to? I felt that if this book did not mention  Harry Potter as a references I would have been more open to reading this book without the judgement of comparison.
The Siren and The Sword is not like  Harry Potter,  especially seeing that Harry Potter books did not start with a oral sex scene in the prologue, mind you it was amazingly detailed but was not good enough for me to keep reading after a while longer. I was expecting a lot more for the paranormal sexual Harry Potter erotic novel. Even though the novel is license as a new adult, it’s more of an erotic novel written by an erotic author. Unfortunately the novel lacks any type of story, there is an extremely lack of character development, character design, plot twist, as well as left be craving for more beyond the intimate scenes. This novel just didn’t please me the way I wanted it to.

Happy Reading you guys

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