Walk on Earth a Stranger Review

Sunday, January 10th 2016


I just finished Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson.  I have to say that Carson truly wrote a historical fiction book. There are times when reading,  characters seem to fall in love extremely quickly  based on the pending fear of their mortality. This novel is a short read but the romance within it is slow.
We are introduced to the love interest Jefferson, a young man that has grown up next door the Leah, when he asks her to run away with him to California. Offering to either get married or pretending to be siblings along their journey. Not exactly the most romantic proposal I have ever read but it sets the tone that Jefferson is awkward. During his travel to California Jefferson becomes physically stronger, and more appealing, along with Leah who becomes more feminine along the travel as well. Yet when she tells him no to his request it’s a long heart ache, slow being the key to this romance.

“Seems like I’ve been waiting for you to come around my whole life, Lee. But a man can’t wait forever and stay a man.”

This book isn’t as fast past as the other “spaghetti western themed” books I’ve read in the past. It’s also great to keep in mind that this novel is a trilogy not a stand alone novel, which makes me hopefully for the next two installations.

“it’s not our place to question God’s will, and it is clearly God’s will that the two of us become man and wife.” It’s a testament to my fine character that I don’t smash that Bible right into his nose. “You wouldn’t know God’s will if it tipped its hat and said howdy.”

The focus of this book isn’t the magical elements but the strength of the journey that each character have to make together through trust as well as determination. Leah is determined to find Jefferson and so she does. The company is determined to make it to California, and so they do regardless of the hardships they don’t lose faith in one another. This also means that the journey is riddled with  Murphy’s Law takes over most of the journey, anything that can go wrong will go wrong, it sure does. Leah has to deal with her monthly visitor of Aunt Flow. A few of the woman are pregnant, not to mention the sure exhaustion of traveling across the uncommon terrain to get to California. Despite all the activities the company has to part take in to get to Califorina, as soon as Lee is discovered to be Leah, she is pushed back into her assigned gender roll, making Leah
aa4117aa287b57b00edfdb3b7c531b1c a Gold Rush Feminist.

“There’s not a place in the whole world where everyone isn’t willing–no, eager–to give a girl up to a man.”

Now lets talk about Jefferson. Jefferson is the love interest, Jefferson is the swoon-worthy gentleman in this book. I am usually a romance seeker in any book I read. Shucks I even want the villain to get their happy endings some way some how. What really annoys me about this fist book of the trilogy is that I felt like I really didn’t get a changes to know Jefferson more. The few actions that he takes lets me know he’s a kind open minded young man whose been through a lot, especially underneath the drunken hands of his Da.  The narrator constantly speaks about how Jefferson has a stony face, letting me believe that he has a long to say underneath those eyes, I really want to know what he has to say. I am hoping since the first book of the Good Seer Trilogy, is written in Leah’s POV that perhaps the next novel will be in duel POV.


This novel gets a 3.5  stars from me, as much as I enjoyed reading it I have no idea where the plot is. The novel gets 3 stars because of the historical accuracy, the smooth read, as well as the enjoyable experiences of the Gold Rush, however I have no idea what else is there. Their truly wasn’t anything more than a strong character finding her male friend from across the state lines. What’s going to happen between the characters? What’s going to happen in California now that her Uncle knows she’s there? What is going to happen with the entire company? I have no idea and a part of me doesn’t care because there isn’t much for me to care about.  I am just hoping that the next 2 book have more for me to read in the field of  action. This novel was short but extremely slow. I only hope that the next few books are going to be more exciting.

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