Witches Among Us!

Monday, August 7th 2017


Like many other women in my age, I’m trying to lose weight and be more healthy for not only for myself but for my family. In the process of me attempting to exercise I managed to tweak my knee. My knee only hurts me when I raise it up extremely high, which I’m not going to do very often since I’m not a chorus girl. None the less my husband was very concern and sent me packing to the walk in clinic. After speaking with the doctors there she sent me to the pharmacy with a one month supply of anti inflammatory medication. Being the stubborn mule that I didn’t go to the pharmacy to get the medication. I felt like Sponge Bob, the episode he visited Sandy Squirrel for the first time realizing that he’s a ‘sea sponge’ and he ‘needs’ water to survive but too stubborn to tell Sandy he needs water. I just kept walking around the house telling myself that I can cure myself. That I can just massage my leg, rub it down at night while properly stretching before exercise working out. After a few weeks of pure stubbornness driving me, I realize that I do need medication! I went to the pharmacy that the walk in clinic said they sent my prescription to only find the harsh truth that they never wrote the prescription. Well, I  guess I didn’t need the medication after all. While talking to a pharmacist technician I realized she had a beautiful stone with a few charms, one of those charms being a pentagram!

Holy Demeter! There’s witches among us! After so many years of hardly ever seeing another Neo-Pagan, there is a perfectly obvious charm of a Neo-Pagan right before me and I choked. I mean I seriously honestly and truly choked. The one thing that I love about being a Neo-Pagan practicing Wicca is the fact that there are so many people form different origins that practising the craft that you never get disappointed by the shock of finding someone else around you also practising the craft. The problem for me is, I’m not sure why after so many years living in Minot I couldn’t say the automatic Neo-Pagan greeting of “Merry Meet” or “Blessed Be”. I’ve been telling myself that I didn’t say anything because I was in the grocery store pharmacy, but the truth is I choked. Instead of walking away like a loser, I made myself a double loser by asking her to fill my anti-anxiety medication, while we were talking I still couldn’t turn the conversation to Wicca or Neo-Pagan, which means I double choked my words again! Even when she told me the prescription will be filled in ten minutes, it took me ten minutes and a phone call to someone else to figure out what should I say. Is this what people go through when they have to work with a crush cause this is what I’m going through making sure I say the right thing to someone who might be in the same religious faith at me in a very remote location of North Dakota.

By the time I mustered t he confidences repeat my rehearse phrase of “ Hello, I notice your necklace and it’s nice to meet a fellow sister of the craft here”, she was gone. Yep, totally busted my chance. Apparently my wandering around the dollar store repeating my confidences building phrase took so long that not only was she not there when I returned, she had actually went to lunch and had been on lunch for a while by the time I returned. SO I had two choices stay at the grocery store like a complete loser in the attempts to talk to her again, or buy some ice cream and sulk on the sofa while binge watching  Reign on Netflix about my disappointing interaction with another Neo-Pagan.

Larry being the amazing soulmate that he is, automatically realizes that I was sulking. I’m not sure if it was the gentle way I was shoving cookies and cream ice cream into my mouth or the fact that I looked like a lost my puppy but I told him the story which only gave me extra kisses and sympathy hugs.

Later on that day, Larry decided to talk Zoe with him to run a few errands, one of those errands leaving him to a local mom and pop hardware store. According to Larry when he walked into the hardware store he says a guy wearing a pentagram and Larry being the charming self-confidences, approached the guy and said “Blessed Be Brother!”. Seriously! How did Larry just automatically say the phrase with out any anxiety or anticipation about what other people might say around him only to have the guy say the phrase cheerful back as they talked about themselves? It amazes me how even with anti anxiety medication I’m still my very worse enemy!

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  1. On Monday, August 7th 2017 Crystal Sellers said:

    You had a day huh. Goodness. Well I hope you get to feeling better. And pop in one day see if she’s there. Maybe you will be able to muster a blessed be without hyperventilating this time. 😉

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