The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson Book Review

Friday, April 1st 2016

It’s the April First!
What better way to celebrate April Fools then to review about the best April Fools Prank of a Prince who thought he was going to get married. That’s right I’m talking about The Kiss of Deception.

 “It can take years to mold a dream. It takes only a fraction of a second for it to be shattered.” 
― Mary E. Pearson, The Kiss of Deception

 I have to be honest  with you when I say I won’t have read  The Kiss of Deception if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s sequel The Heart of Betrayal  had not been so popular during the course of the summer of 2015.   The Heart of Betrayal  was so popular in my local library and Barnes & Nobles that when I asked if this was a series everyone said no. Joke was on me because it was, leading me into the warm embrace of Mary E. Pearson The Remnant Chronicles.

I read this novel September 19 2015

The Kiss of  Deception is a beautiful novel focusing on the strength of  Princess Lia, (I do like the sound of that *wink*), the first daughter of a royal family of the House of Morrighan. The journey begins with Lia running away from not only her home but also her wedding day. Lia (I feel like I’m talking about myself in 3rd person!) Princess Lia desires freedom. The freedom to make her own decisions about her life, especially when in the terms of love.
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“Today was the day a thousand dreams would die and a single dream would be born.” 
― Mary E. Pearson, The Kiss of Deception

kiss of deception

 The Kiss of Deception is a joy to read and it is lovely to get to know Lia (woot woot!) Kaiden and Rafe.  The novel has a great dialogue between characters as well as various of emotional tension, discoveries and of course individual point of views that makes you think of the action of every character interrupting with their peers. As you read it is revealed with of the two swoon worth young men are is actually the prince the princess was suppose to marry while the other is the assassin hired to kill the  princess. Can you imagine the tension created in this novel if you fell in love with one of them to only realize he might be a romantic princes or a dangerous assassin? Talk about dating regrets.

What Mary E Pearson makes so exciting during the read is the fact that even though the novel is divided between Lia, Kaiden and Rafe’s POV we as the readers don’t actually know who is the prince or who is the assassin. The reveal shocked me because I actually fell in love with  the assassin.
I know. I know!

“If one can’t be trusted in love, one can’t be trusted in anything. Some things can’t be forgiven.” 
― Mary E. Pearson, The Kiss of Deception

My dating selection really is horrible when my two choices are between a prince with a kingdom to rule wishing me to be his queen or a guy that is probably going to kill me if we ever had an argument. What can I say I really love the assassin. I felt a lot of emotional connection between the assassin and Lia.

GypsyMy favorite scene of  The Kiss of Deception is the gypsy camp, honestly if the novel did not have the camp grounds I might not love the novel as much as I do. I just love the entire moment Lia spent in the camp really picked up the romantic elements of the novel. I really wanted Lia to return to the camp. I just love that portion of the book. I really hope by the third novel we can return.

I gave this novel 3 out of 5 starts because I felt that if it wasn’t for popularity of the sequel of The Heart of Betrayal I might have not ever read The Kiss of Deception. I gave this book an additional star because of the big plot reveal that shocked me. Let’s just say that gypsy will always rase the rating of a book. I’m really glad I did get a chances to read this novel although I have agree that the sequel is much better than the first book.
I hope you enjoy this review!
Happy Reading!

About Mary E. Pearson

I suppose I have always been enamored with story and character. My mother tells me I could be the most annoying little kid, waking up each day as a new character. Every morning she would have to ask me “who” I was for that day, because unless properly addressed I refused to answer anyone.

One time when I was about four years old, my parents were out shopping at Sears. They each thought the other had me by the hand when in fact I was exploring my own aisle (translation: I was lost!) Two salesladies found me and sat me on the counter, asking me my name so they could page my parents. I remember their consternation when I would only answer “Little Red Riding Hood.” They couldn’t shake my real name out of me no how, no way. I knew the value of persistence even then. My parents say they nearly fell over, when over the loud speaker they heard, “Would the parents of Little Red Riding Hood please come claim their child?” They knew exactly “who” was lost. These days I mostly wake up as myself, though I do seem to hang out with a lot of “characters” during the day.

Usually when people mention their education in their bios they only mention their college degrees, but to me, it is just as important what happened way before that. Wow–second grade! I will never forget Mrs. Alsenz. Boy, could she tell a great story! She would make them up and pretty soon have a classroom of wiggly kids exuberantly telling stories right along with her. And then there was Mrs. Bonsey in fourth grade. She always praised my writing and made a shy little girl feel like she might actually excel at something. And finally in twelfth grade came Mr. Kirk, crusty on the outside with a heart of gold on the inside, who loved the English language and taught his students to do the same. (Hey, Mr. Kirk, do you see me waving at ya?)

Later I went on to get a BFA from Long Beach State University in art. I worked for a time as an artist then started the most challenging job of my life–motherhood. Holy smokes, no one told me there would be no coffee breaks. But it is the most rewarding job I have ever had (watch out–I’ll start dragging out the pictures)

Still later, I went to San Diego State University where I received my teaching credential. I went on to teach many different grades but it was my second grade students who pushed me back into writing. During Writing Workshop I would sit with them and write, loving the process, loving the stories, and lo and behold deciding I would love to return to my first love. That’s a whole lot of lovin’ going on and luckily for me I was able to do just that. Not that writing is easy. I have a huge stack of rejections to prove it, but I still have enough of that Little Red Riding Hood persistence in me to keep on going.

Now I write full time from my home in San Diego. My books to date are The Adoration of Jenna Fox, A Room on Lorelei Street, Scribbler of Dreams, and David v. God. More are definitely on the way

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