An Ember in the Ashes by Sabba Tahir

Friday, July 8th 2016

Hello Everyone

Honestly I can’t believe it’s almost an exact year since I read “ An Ember in the Ashes” by Sabba Tahir. I’ve mention this book on Sarah Wendell from Smart Bitches Trashy Books podcast on how much I love this book, then it sweet cheesecake I never wrote a review for it! Tsk Tsk I’m slacking y’all.

First off, “ An Ember in the Ashes”, is filled with fantasy, drama, adventure, suspense, science fiction with a strong theme of dystopia. Honestly it’s amazing. It has the best world building I’ve ever read with incredible blood shedding action that makes you literally hold your breath with ever page turning event. Just think of a world filled with sexy fit gladiators, or perhaps elite soldiers of Rome in their prime, conquering primitive villages, defeating mythology, with a flutter of romance.

“Ember in the Ashes” by Sabba Tahir is amazing. I know I said this before but it begs repeating. From the first moment you begin reading, you’re automatically transported into a tense world of brutal bloodshed,rebels, love, and of course family. Then tone is tense, automatically transporting into a world far beyond what we are use to. The world building in this novel is superb only increasing my love through the characters relationship and development. Now that’s enough gushing, let me give you a proper review of this lushes book.

Oh . . . . Oh . . . Oh . . . . this book is amazing. It will give you all the feels. If you don’t literally gasp while reading this book, you clearly aren’t reading “Ember in the Ashes” by Sabba Tahir. The mixture of emotion that the reader will feel during the journey of the two protagonist are fear, lots of life threatening fear, confusion, sadness, abandonment, hope, lots of ever loving hope, and of course longing. All the emotions I’ve mentioned and more are clearly illustrated through the elaborate plot twisting events of this amazing adventurous book. If you don’t literally gasp in shock at the plot twist, turns, or reveals you will literally not reading the same book, I promise you that. At the beginning of the book it’s hard to understand what’s exactly happening to our first introduced protagonist since she is as confused as we are. Lia is searching for a purpose. Laia is searching for her own pillar of strength that she can claim as her own. From the very first moment we meet her she’s extremely vulnerable. I really felt for Laia since she loves her brother so much, and is will to do as much as she physically can in order to get him back. We’ve seen how far love can carry a person, let alone a character when it comes to gaining their love one back, but I guarantee you you’ve never though Laia would do what she does in “An Ember in the Ashes”.

There are a lot of characters in this book, even though my review only focuses on the two protagonist who are telling the story through dual perspectives, but there are a lot of characters readers can fall in love with or hate. That’s right, the villain in this novel is behind evil, she’s pure horror, and she simple goes by the name Commandant. The Commandant is probably the worse villain I ever read, she’s brutal, she’s cruel, she’s a murder, she’s the best person to hate.

If you’re a fan of “ Game of Thrones”, dystopia, fictional military dystopia, or Middle Eastern mythology then you need to read this book, FAST! It’s such an amazing read set in a complex time period of ancient Rome meets dessert meets a wonderful dark (I mean very dark!) terrifying adventure! Make sure to read this book before the sequel is released, “A Torch Against The Night” by Sabba Tahir publication  Razorbill August 30th 2016!
Happy reading Y’all!

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