August Book Wrap Up!

Wednesday, August 31st 2016

Book Wrap Up


Hello Ladies and Gents,

We are saying goodbye to yet another wonderful month of reading. I had a lot of fun this month! I was really disappointed with myself the previous month with my lack of reading, and truly wanted to double up as much as I could in the month of August. This month I really attempted to lower my ever growing TBR pile. It’s sad to say but I feel that I really want to get my TBR pile as low as I possible cab because I know in the month of September MANY of the book series/ trilogies that I enjoy are going to be coming to a bittersweet end! *sigh* So let us take this time to review the books that I did manage to read between school, and life. Of course you are more than welcome to suggest books or series that I should be reading. I can’t promise I’ll read them instantly but I surely will tact them on my Bookish-To-Do List!

Book Wrap Up

ICYMI: During the month of August I managed to create some water colour art for the lovely Zoraida Córdova . Here are the images that I made, that have been floating around my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page. Let’s also say goodbye to the lovely fanart of Labyrinth Lost!

Labyrinth Lost Fanart

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