A Hiking We Will Go!

Tuesday, October 18th 2016


Greetings fellow Book Lovers! It is I Lia, coming back to you to tell you that, yes I am still alive!

I’m having a hard time finding time to sit down and blog to you! My daughter is in love with all the hiking trails that are around my sisters home, along with the mountain area in which we are visiting. Seriously! Why didn’t anyone tell me to bring hiking boots? My daughter and my dog seem to find ABSOLUTELY no problem running up and down the mountain side picking up rocks, or leaves as they go. But me? Or I a struggling, I suddenly seem to embody all the fears that my family should have when hiking! But n o o o o o o they are totally happy to run up and down a MOUNTAIN not a hill but an ACTAUL MOUNTAIN with no fear of any moral harm, meanwhile I don’t think my heart can honestly take much of their out door actives without a shot of liquid courage. Honestly there aren’t any rails? I mean something for me to grasp on to! I don’t trust my husband, nor my child. And my damn dog is no one to put faith into since he finds the worse time to submit to his wolfish DNA when a fluffy rabbit or hare decides to leap in the mist of our paths!

Besides practically dying from the Seattle Highway Drivers and Hiking, I have found a mutual love of Thrift Shops here in the surrounding area. I have bought more books than I ever have coming from a thrift shop! Hopefully I can show you all the books I managed to buy for a good if not great price in her the area. I also managed to buy little Zoe a few children’s books, along with some great bottles, a wooden cabinet that I hope to use to start my herbal tincture project this winter! I even mange to buy a great round wooden table set. Something I desperately needed for only $80, instead of the steep price of $900 the local furniture shops in Minot, North Dakota wanted me to pay!


Another thing I was more than happy to do in Washington was re activate my Pokemon Go account. I though I was going to truly be a Pokèmon Master out here on the West Side! I was going to literally Cath Them All by the time I was ready to leave Washington. Let me just say this. . .  I am officially done with Pokèmon Go! I haven’t caught or saw anything that would have me jumping for joy. IN Minot only thing I seem to be able to catch bird type Pokèmons. I can’t seem catch anything exciting here. Of course the map will tell me that there are awesome Pokèmon near by but I can’t seem find them. But that’s not what makes me really upset. I have 9 eggs that I need to hatch. I’m hoping that within those 9 eggs something amazing will be there. According to my FitBit I have walked over 10 thousand steps, meanwhile Pokèmon Go is telling me that I have not walked 1 signal mile, NOT ONE! I could not figure out why there were to different readings on my walking distances, or steps taken. Then my husband figured it out, there are so many trees in the area, especially when we go hiking that Pokèmon Go loses Signal. GPS can not be found! Which means I have been walking like  a peasant for no reason!

But when I do have awesome 4G connection, there is nothing to catch for miles. Oh sure I get the hint that there is something around, but since I’m near mountains I’m not exactly going to trust the map to tell me where in the high tops of the mountains am I suppose to find these amazing Pokemon? I have a better chance getting Alcide to find, capture, and bring back a hare! Which unfortunately he has done when my brother in law went to walk him. Honestly I should have told him that Alcide has a tendency to go rogue when he gets deep within he train. He started howling when we were walking deep into the trail and my heart nearly stopped when, what I hope to be distance coyote relatives started to howl back a very friendly but extremely distant greeting to Alcide.

Regardless on my disappointing feelings about Pokèmon Go, the natural beauty of the mountain trails true make me so happy to be here. Now if I can only find a way to keep my daughter from running into the rain instead of running out of the rain. It is the winter rainy season in Issaquah and the majority of Washington, so we have been wet this entire trip. Ironically everyone in our party is sick instead of Larry. The ever loving husband. He’s been keeping us health with his combined cooking advice from my mom (which means drinking a lot of mysterious fluids that always seem to be froggy poop green in color), and yummy desserts!

Now it’s time for me to start my reviews that I have been seriously lacking to post because of my much needed vacation! This vacation was extremely well needed. It’s nothing like walking hand  in hand with the person you love the most as your loving daughter chases her parents with a stick hosting an enormous spider on its branch! On that note let me leave you with these wonderful nature pictures I have taken before the great spider chase!



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