A Thousand Salt Kisses by Josie Demuth

Wednesday, June 15th 2016

I received this book through the powers of Netgallery, as always for exchange for an honest review.

Let’s make this fact known. I was raised in the Bahamas where the story of Mermaids are not only well known but are expected to be known very well. When I saw A Thousand Salt Kisses by Josie Demuth, I though to myself HEY! Let’s read about some mermaids, why not!

The cover of this novel is absolutely gorgeous, and I am a sucker for an amazing cover!

But even this amazing cover could not save me from tiny disappointments I felt in this book.
This is my firs time reading any book from this author and I have to say that, Jose Denmuth writing style is incredible in A Thousand Salt Kisses. The way Denmuth describes the environment, the characters, the tension, very all wonderfully descriptive. I especially loved the island setting because it made me extremely home sick for my own island in the Bahamas. I really truly wanted to love this book because there are so many wonderful features that pulled me into that direction, but then the instalove ruined it for me, it’s to much.

I know at 17 years old I challenged everything to the point of revenge. I took nothing for face value, and I gladly learnt the lessons the hard way. That is what it means to be a young adult, you have the capability to see the world in a different view point and CHALLENGE anyone in the world to see it in a mundane fashion. I guess I really wanted Crystal to find another way to be happen then depending on Llyr. Maybe it’s me reading to much Sarah J. Maas books where her female characters are always stronger than the males and etc.

I realize this is only the first book in the series but I’m interested in  seeing what’s going to happen in the end, since the literal end of the book as felt me feeling frustrated with Llyr.

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I love the fact that Menfolks are taking center stage since Werewolf and Vampires have been the center of YA paranormal. I love the fact that Crystal had to deal with so much family drama, friendship drama, sexuality, the concept of love (’cause she’s not in love yet in my mind) but also crashing into reality towards the end of the book. I just honestly hope that Demuth brings the book around to where I can truly jump on to this series and never look back!

As always I’m just giving you my honest review about how I felt about the story line of A Thousand Salted Kisses by Josie Demuth. A lot of people loved this book, I’m sure I’m just the 1% that didn’t but I felt it would only be right to be honest.

If you love instant love, instant romances, and the instant decisions of a 17 year old girl, then ignore everything I said and fall in love with this novel as well as the series behind it! I am just hopping that Crystal becomes more mature through out the series and has more character growth to come.
Happy Reading!

About Josie Demuth

Josie loves all things Gothic and magical, but particularly a story which is fun, intriguing and says a little something about the world.

She loves to write about weird and wonderful happenings in her home town, London, but also sets her tales in the mystical lands of the Westcountry, England.

Josie’s novella Liggers and Dreamers was published by Thin Man Press in 2015.

Meanwhile her Salt Kisses series has garnered over three million reads on story-telling site, Wattpad. The first of the series, A Thousand Salt Kisses is her third novel.

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