A Thousand Salt Kisses Later by Josie Demuth

Thursday, May 18th 2017

Crystal cannot seem to get over Llyr, even though its been years since they have seen each other. Crystal just can’t seem to get over him. Now that she’s finally entering her first year of college, Crystal returns home since she attended high school. Being back home has only brought back memories of Llyr, being so close to where they first meet.Curiouser and Curiouser, is the only way to describe Crystals constant those returning to Llyr. But when one of HIS friends contact her in desperation. Something is happening. Even though Crystal wanted to stay away from Llyr’s world she only become more tangled with it, after all it’s a thousand kisses from a merman!

A Thousand Salt Kisses Later provides an excellent continuation of the first book. The first book ended on an extremely sad note, that made me wanted to cry mermaid tears! I didn’t think my heart could take Crystal and Llyr breaking up. Seriously who breaks up with a merman! It’s a merman!

In this continuation the novel takes on a stronger hold of magic. Magic places a bigger part of this book. The main antagonist where majority Mer-People just didn’t want  a human corporation. Yet Crystal was able to see beyond that, along with seeing more of the Mer-World. I believe Crystal is a better person than me especially depending on the way their last encounter went.

Overall I think this book did a great job following the story line of the previous book, I just felt that the second book could have been joined with the first book. It really didn’t feel like this had enough pressing information necessary information that I wish were combined into the first book. That being said this book might be going through second book syndrome, that’s where the first book and the third book are amazing in a trilogy yet the second book is just a link between two major plot lines. As much as I love mermaids and male merman I still feel a little distant about absolutely falling in love with this book, although I am fully committed to the concept that this book has created. I also felt that the book has a good amount of near sex encounters, cursing, drinking, and new adult life style to make it relatable!

As all ways I enjoyed A Thousand Salt Kisses Later, it did fallow perfectly with the previous novel A Thousand Salt Kisses. I”m always thankful to NetGalley for allowing me the chances to read this book as an ARC.

About Josie Demuth

Josie loves all things Gothic and magical, but particularly a story which is fun, intriguing and says a little something about the world.

She loves to write about weird and wonderful happenings in her home town, London, but also sets her tales in the mystical lands of the Westcountry, England.

Josie’s novella Liggers and Dreamers was published by Thin Man Press in 2015.

Meanwhile her Salt Kisses series has garnered over three million reads on story-telling site, Wattpad. The first of the series, A Thousand Salt Kisses is her third novel.

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