A Totally Awkward Love Story by Tom Ellen, Lucy Ivison ARC Book Review

Tuesday, May 10th 2016

I got a chances to grab this physical ARCs while attending the TeensDay evening event at RT 2016. I have to say the cover stole my heart. Who won’t fall in love with two fingers twisted together in a hug? I am! I have to say A Totally Awkward Love Story is truly awkward as it should be consider it’s about the confusing age when you have out grown your childhood but you’re not quite an adult either.
This contemporary coming to age novel with give you some hilarious laughing time as the duel narrators talk about teen relationships; sex; college careers; failures; true loving kindness type of connections.
The more important aspect of the novel, is that it is well written by Tom Ellen & Lucy Ivson about the sexual frankness of well sex. These two great Births authors do not hold back from the honest of hooking up. I felt the reactions of sex through the characters was extreme real. There wasn’t any destined to be together, style of sexual connection between any of the characters. It was just awkward, odd confusing advice (mostly horrible peer advice), while teen-adults try to attempt to make their own decisions despite how nerving their choices are during the decision making process.

The plot however is really convoluted since there are so many side stories that are truly a distraction to the main plot. As you read you tend to forget who the main focus suppose to be on since everyone is hooking up with someone else friend.

Hannah and Sam, the main focus by the way, are really fun to read. They will give you ton of laughs through their internal dialogue, their actions, their freaking out about their future if not their over thinking about their future. I love the crazy way their mine speaks, the dialogue is the real treat in this novel. It held my attention from beginning to the end. I’m really proud to have read this book as an ARC, but now it’s a fully published novel that everyone can read and enjoy!

This novel is worth it! Pick it up. Read it. Laugh. Then reflect on how awkward we all probably were in our adolescents!
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