Bad Penny by Jocelyn Adler

Friday, June 10th 2016

I received from the author in exchange for an honest review of her work.

Bad Penny is about Penny a settled dominatrix in the heart of San Francisco, working in the kinky community. Penny is happy, and why shouldn’t she be? She has an interesting job, a great landlord who just so happens to be her roommate and best friend, honestly life is prefect. Just when Penny believed her life is perfectly stable, everything has to change! Her best friend/landlord wants kids, G-R-E-A-T. Then her boss wants her to change career positions (pun intended) and all theses changes are happening all at once! What is Penny to do! Curious? ‘Cause you should totally read Bad Penny.


Honesty, I tried really hard not to fall in love with the character Penny but I did. I feel in love with her so hard and so fast. Ha, pun! She is a character of my own heart. She’s knows what she wants and has no problem gaining what she desires. Penny is a modern woman, hallelujah! She’s comfortable with her own sexuality, her own body. There is nothing wrong with a woman enjoying her sex life in a health respectable way. What’s not to love about a sophisticated female character. Outside of here dominating career path, (Ha Pun again!) she’s a lover of comics, the heavenly streaming device of Netflix, and a fashionista of sweatpants/tank tops with no bra! She’s a contemporary character with relatable reactions to difficult situations. Besides Penny’s ability to be confident in her physical body, there is the issue of love . . . Though Penny is sexual active she’s wanting a relationship, a romantic relationship with someone who can respect her career path as well as her dominate equally.

This books is an amazing read.

What did I love about the book?
Ummm everything! Honestly, I just don’t have words for this book! It has amazing tempo, paste and tension. I love how there is NO love triangle. There is NO self confident issues, only a woman going through a mid life crises as she tries to re-direct her life at this new stage in life. I love how Penny is not prefect. I love that we get to see the character through all her perfections, her faults and flaws. She’s goes to therapy, she has a degree, she has had difficult life experiences, as well as a loving connection with her family. She is everyone, and yet not at all. She’s so easy to relate and even easier to fall in love with! What I love the most is the opportunity for realistic love and second chances.

What I did not like about the book?

There are so many hot steam scenes in this book you might accidentally focus on the smexual play of the characters instead of following the protagonist internal conflict on why she’s not actually with the person in a romantic relationship. Bad Penny might only be 2oo+ printed pages but it San Francisco Nights like a 400 page book. There are so many characters in this novel, yet they all play an important role in Penny’s story that if you’re not focus on the actual character relationship you find yourself sending your spouse TONS of sexual gifs while he’s at work. What I’m trying to say you can get distracted by how deliciously naughty Jocelyn Adler rights. She’s extremely talented at keeping the context of Bad Penny steamy, witty, comical, as well as romantic. The amount of cold showers can attest that this book can get really G-R-E-A-T, but it can also slow down its pace to let character connection, character development, and character relationships blossom. I read this book 3 times and dragged my feet writing this review because I really just wanted to read it again and again!  It’s just that good! Honestly if you enjoy female characters who are not ashamed by their sexuality, or sexual activity this is your book. If you love romances given to a strong female role that comes for place of love and not dependence, this is your book. If you just want to read this secretly under the sheets, I promise not to tell but trust me this is your book!

I truly hope you enjoyed my review, I know I enjoyed sending thought provoking gifs to my husband while reading it! Maybe Penny’s characteristic rubbed off on me too! Why not let Penny’s journey of love in the diverse city of San Fran be your guilty pleasure today!
Happy Reading Ya’ll!

About Jocelyn Adler

Jocelyn Adler is a mild-mannered librarian by day, and a mild-mannered author by night. She enjoys spicy books and spicy foods.

Jocelyn is currently hard at work on the second novel in the San Francisco Nights series (no current release date), which will star Tabitha, Jason, and a new character named Nathan.

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