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Wednesday, March 1st 2017

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Book Madness 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen!
It’s Lia here and I have a special request!
Thanks to Maggie Ann Martin I have been invited to take part in the 2017 Book Madness! What is Book Madness! Good question, and I’m sure if you fallow the link below you would have a better chance at gaining a better explanation that I can offer. But for the quick summary I can give you this!

Each blogger, blogger, book review were given the chances to choose a couple that they would defend! I choose Amar and Maya from The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi , and if you click the link you can see a full length review of why I love this couple so much! Now this is the part where you guys come in! I am begging you to please help me win! I don’t wanna loose and you will soon find out I am a really competitive! Besides defending my bookish couples honor I also want you guys to enter because when you vote you automatically are entered in a raffle to win an Amazon gift card! How McAwesome is that! Just by voting for your favorite couple (Amar and Maya of course) you’ll be able to enter to win a gift card! This is practically a win win situation! You get a chances to win a gift card for the free cost of a vote, and I get to keep the honor of my favorite young adult couple in the game! Seriously there is nothing to it but to do it!

Here are the reason why you should vote for Amar and Maya from Roshani Chokshi’s The Star-Touched Queen!

The Star-Touched Queen is a rich and wonderfully written fantastical, enchanting, romantic exquisitely diverse mythical Indian set fairy tale. The story beings with seventeen year old Princess Mayavati, who lives in the royal courts. Although she is a princess, she lives a less than charming life. Since her birth Princess Mayavti has been fated to have a cursed life based on the prediction of horoscope *gasp*. Despite having this horrible prediction looming over her head, Princess Maya has decided that she’s way better than that. She spends her time paying attention to her father’s military meetings and learns about the war surrounds her kingdom. Like all great Kings having born a daughter, he decides the best way to win a losing war is to marry of the only daughter he has not promised in marriage. It’s also a sneaky way to gather all the neighboring leaders of the lands neighboring him into an ambush!

Life as Maya knows it is really coming to an end. The doors leading her to her freedom are quickly becoming a cage. Instead of the freedom Maya was hoping for, she’s getting the life of a caged bird. This is what she was thinking on her wedding day until everything went a little differently than expected to say the least!

A soldier’s hand grasped for me, but Amar pulled me away. Arrows zoomed past, but each time one came near, he would whirl me out of the way. He moved fluidly, dodging javelins, always a few steps behind me, a living shield.

That’s right, this is a wedding plans ultimate nightmare! Yet this is truly the first time Maya has a chance. Maya can find happiness and she does! Through this magical adventure, Maya doesn’t just find her happiness, freedom, adventure, as well as the strength to save not only the man she loves but everyone she loves. This book is cloaked in gloom, mystery, there are dark secretes behind lock doors.

Ohhhh hell yea!

That night, I dreamed of locked doors and baying hounds, rooms that were night-dark and a beast-king that smiled and laughed around a mouthful of broken stars to sing one phrase over and over: I know the monster in your bed.

Ohhhh hell yeah! That is some serious world building behind this epic romantic tale.
Maya is a wonderful character. She has suffered so many cruelties in her young life. It’s through the abuse she has live through in the royal court house that gave her the strength to continue on this journey of inner strength, an greatest love. Maya has suffered through loneliness, I assure you, Maya never becomes a martyr. Unlike any other character I’ve read, Princes Maya is a fearless female protagonist that would make even Xena proud. What’s even more amazing about this tale is of course the romance!

I love the romance moment in this novel so much that the book automatically opens to page 67 once opened!

Can we all just take a moment swoon for Amar? He’s romantic. He’s mysterious. He’s loyal. His love goes behind a cursed horoscope and is written in the stars. Their love is powerful, enchanting, and cloaked with mysterious!  They are an amazingly strong couple that will steal you’re heart and make you gaze upon the stars!

I hope this persuades you to vote for Amar and Maya for Book Madness 2017

Please Vote!
1st Round Ends March 5th 11:59 Central Time!
Please Vote!

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