Book Signing Road Trip!

Thursday, April 28th 2016

If you haven’t already guessed I had an amazing time at RT!
The best part about attending RT  is that you have such an amazing opportunity to befriend all different types of people through the book community industry. I had so much fun meeting so many amazing people even though I did not get a chance to stay at RT for the entire convention.

Tiara Megan, Zoriada Cordova, Katie McGarry, and Richelle Read

My last day was Saturday and I left shortly after the TeenDay event. I managed to get a lot of books from my last event. Most of the books were actually autographed so I made sure to make them my carry on bag. Oh the book on TSA face when they realize that all that weight was actually books. Hahaha they did not even know what to think. I carried that bag with me like it was physically my heart in a suitcase. I was not letting that bag out of my sight nor did it ever leave my shoulder until I was physically on the plane. Matter of fact I think the weight of the books might have made me shrink a little. Or perhaps I am physically un-symmetric from carrying only one bag of heavy books on my shoulder. Note to self carry two bags of heavy books on each shoulder to make my body proportional again for 2017RT! As you can see from my HUGE bag of autographed books, was not trusting that bag to anyone, I manage to have a lot of fun! It was extremely hard to leave Los Vegas to return to the flat boring lands of Minot, North Dakota.

That’s why when a little piece of RT happiness in the form of Katie McGarry said she would be at a Book N’ More book signing at Grand Forks I was extremely excited.
Did I mention my husband is the most supportive husband in the entire world? ‘Cause on the day of the book signing he managed to round up the toddler, the dog and the adults (yes that means me) to take a three and a half hour round trip to Grand Forks!
Road Trip!

BTW Book N’ More is an extremely lovely book store! I am honestly jealous for all those who live near it!
Katie McGarry' Lia and Lia's entire Family!

I have to say this now but I am so utterly grateful to have such a support hubby! Not only did he gift me with this blog but he also SENT ME to RT so I could go to the Book Bloggers Conference along with the chances to meet Jennifer L. Armentrout. But, going the experiences of RT has given me so that their truly no way to thank all the people I have meet an encountered! Meeting Katie McGarry is just one of those million types of encounters and experiences that broke my heart into a zillion pieces only to be rebuilt stronger!

I’m not sure if you notice the super complicated driving directions on how to get to Minot to Grand Forks but we got lost A LOT! Not physically lost, but mentally lost! Oh my gosh North Dakota is flat! When I say flat I mean extremely flat! There is nothing to see or rather you’re seeing the same THING for about 2 thousand miles. Do you know how boring that is for a road trip? To see the same tree from 4 farms lands away to only see it 4 farm lands later? Did you notice I measured in farms! Yea that’s how vast the landscape is miles don’t matter! The only way I notice we even moved is where the farms told me the different types of crops that were being planted. I’m not even going to mention how we mange to be late because we were driving behind large tow trucks dragging behind farm equipment! I really regret not taking a picture! Although at the time I was seriously scared that if I did take a picture it would end up being my last photo, think Final Destination if you will.
Despite how boring the view of the trip was I have to honestly say thank you to my husband, Larry, for driving the almost 4 hours to make sure I got a chance to see Katie McGarry. Sadly we were late but we did get a chances to see her, take a little
Thunder Road Series Ummm just in case you did know, I got ya back! *wink*
Nowhere By Here (Thunder Road #1)
Walk The Edge (Thunder Road #2)
Don’t worry reviews of both books soon to come ^_~

I’ve said this before and I’ll continue to say it.
There is honestly no way I can express how happy my connections in RT have made me so EXTREMELY HAPPY! I feel like I can perform a Martha Graham interruptive dance to showcase who extremely happy I am for all those who I have encounter in line.
I’m just extremely touched by all the hugs, all the smiles and all the advice given!
Katie McGarry is one the  sweetest people I have ever meet!
Thank you so much Katie McGarry!
You have won my entire family over with you sweet smile!
You’re family now love! Next time we see each other we’re gonna have to have food!
Happy Reading

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