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Monday, July 25th 2016

Hello Lovelies,

It’s Monday! I truly hope you have a great book, keeping you complain as we all plug into our despair, at the great loss of the weekend. RIP Friday & Saturday! You’ve always been good to me. Today we are taking a special moment to give a special little spotlight for our quitter sticks, aka the great bookmark, and this book meme is hosted by the Guiltless Reading. Without you, oh great bookmark, I would have a hard time finding my place in a book when the house falls to silent with a wondrous toddler in my mist.

These bookmarks are extremely special to me, since I’ve own them for more than 13 years. That’s right I said 13 years, buddy. I actually didn’t mean to buy them.


Here’s the story:

Directly  across the street from my high school, was a strip mall. On this particular day my mom was surprise when my school had released us an hour early,thus we had an extra hour to kill within the downtown area before traffic became deadly. So on this non-pay-day-Friday. We went into the ANTIQUE STORY. The cashiers, a set of silver haired ladies, must had an extremely slow day because they perked up once we walked into the shop. Mind you the shop was extremely lovely, except it was EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE. Now my mom and I are trying to find the CHEAPEST item in an ANTIQUE SHOP since the exit was NEXT TO the dual glaring foxes. On our way to the exit we found three bookmarks! How much could bookmarks be? Happy as can be, my mom grabs a teacup and I grab the bookmarks, with confidences in our steps we hand over to the cashier. Remember how I said this was a “non-pay-day-Friday”, well the bookmarks where $15 each, while my mother’s tea cup was $75 dollars. I managed to fake a innocent shock face, claiming the table stated the bookmarks where $5 dollars each. While my mother took THE SLOWEST walk to put back a decorative teacup. Thus I’ve had these bookmarks ever since.

Happy Reading

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