Can Pop Culture influence Wicca?

Tuesday, September 12th 2017

Aaron Burden

Should witches have their craft inspired by pop culture? To some, this might seem like a pretty basic question because the nature based religion Wiccan isn’t about following a set of strict rules and celestial obligations. The Craft is about how a person connects with nature. This leads many witches to find inspiration on how to connect with the elements of nature complete up to each individual witches need. However, there are times when pop culture becomes great sources of inspiration for many followers of the craft. Honestly, it’s hard to ignore the large amounts of leather bound grimoire replicas of the Book of Shadows from the hit television show Charms or the film adaptation of Alice Hoffman’s book Practical Magic. I myself, have an Italian version of the Practical Magic dos-a-dos book which I hope to fill with my own personal collection of artwork and usable spells. But is there ever too much inspiration seeping itself within the Wiccan, Witchcraft, and Pagan community?

I’m sure at one point in time this was a huge argument for the Pagan community, probably similar to how people use to complain about video game characters holding larger amounts of cosplayers despite the fact the convention was pure focuses on anime or manga and not video games. I hope I’m not the only person that remembers Anime Conventions having this type of issues. If you’re unfamiliar with this argument in anime conventions or don’t see the big deal about video game characters holding larger numbers of cosplayers, let me remind you that most anime conventions tend to also hold larger numbers of underage otakus who aren’t old enough to legally buy porn, yet their parents are shocked and in horror to see a female cosplay version of Cammie from Street Fighter show everything she has and doesn’t have in skimpy costume. This is why convention are now listed as “family” or “no family conventions”, I know this is a little off tangent but I just wanted to connect how I feel about the original topic and how I can relate to it even though I’m not apart of the craft long enough to know all the preexisting arguments of the past but back to the original topic can you’re craft be influenced by pop culture and is that a good thing.

At the moment my toddler daughter is absolutely obsessed with the Netflix anime of Little Witch Academia. She loves all the characters, the spells, the concept and of course the large pointy hat. When I first became pregnant I was very concern about how my child would take it, growing up with so much mystical and magical objects. I felt on the best case scenario should think I was a huge Halloween fanatic, and on the worse case, she would just think I was the extremely weird collection of hoarding items. However with the help of t.v. shows, movies, and of course PBS she has a true understanding of nature, a love for exploring, and you guessed it an obsession with wearing her mother’s large pointy witches hat. To her, she sees nothing wrong with this and was more shocked that other children did not simply borrow their mother’s charge pointed witches hat to block out the sun while playing on the play ground. It just amazes me how children are born without any concept of right, wrong, or what ‘normal’ is based on societies social standards. For some people a with con tv holding a small cauldron is a clear sign that Halloween programming is about to flood the show listing, but for my daughter, drying herbs hanging upside down, tarot cards and alchemy symbols sketched heavily on a skull are all just a reflection of what she sees in her own home all the time.

Can pop culture be a helpful influence on you as well as your craft well Duh! For me, the answer is an obvious yes! Yes, darling yes! The craft is personal religious path about how you connect with nature and the elements. If you’re a huge otaku and you love how Lucy from Fairy Tail uses the celestial keys to connected with different figures from the celestial world and you wanted to use that for your own craft then be inspired by that and make it your own. The entire Neo-Pagan community and faith are based on what’s around you and how much thought and energy you place on your tools. It’s always great to have the old haunting grimoire that we see in Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus or Practical Magic, but there isn’t anything wrong with caring a little spell but in your phone either. We are a new age of magic, and like all things that in nature the Craft is adapting, changing, and growing in a direction that I always feel is positive. Once upon a time people would hardly ever announce the fact that their faith is not the usual Abrahamic religion, forcing themselves to be in the ‘broom closet’. Before those people would only communicate with each other through letters to a Pagan pen pal program in order to get their mystic or magic supplies, thanks to Amazon you can still buy your items privately but you can also watch  YouTube review before ever pressing the “Add to Cart” button. The times surely are changing and then will continue to change as new witches and pagans continue to find comfort in the craft.

You probably wonder why the hell is she talking about this stuff right now. Well, it’s like I said earlier I have a huge replica of the Practical Magic book that I would love to start working on. The problem is the book is huge and the pages are uniquely from the Italian seller. As nice as that seller is I’m not exactly wanting to commission another set of aged paper because I ruined a page. That being said I was thinking about buying a few decorative pages just in case I have to cover an entire page due to an error. This, of course, lead me to Etsy where I found the most beautiful pages for sale that were less than $2.32 a page. That might seem silly to pay that much for a page but you have to consider how much a person spent designing that single page. As I added the decorative pages in the car I realize that the pages weren’t just decorated for decorate sake but actually about of a video game I desperately need to play, The Witcher 3. I never played the game yet the person has made a lot of money selling different pages or even a set of pages from The Witcher’s Beastry book? I’m not sure if this is a book the player has to or while playing the page or its the artist own creation based on the story of the game, I’m truly unsure, but what I do know is that I love those pages!

I even found myself becoming inspired when watching Fairy Tail on Netflix today. I know Fairy Tail has been around for a long time, and clearly, I missed the wave of people swooning over it while I was focused on either school or the other anime Soul Eater, but I can’t stop admiring the keys that Lucy holds. I’ve seen on Pinterest where someone made a different set of planetary alchemy keys as a Halloween prop that I would kill to buy if they were ever real. Now watching this show I’m seriously considering finding a way to connect the collection of keys with the craft as well with Hecate.


Key of Hecate on Etsy
This is exactly what I mean, Just watching something like an anime, or exploring a very interring video game can inspire anyone in any faith to do anything, especially a witch. When I saw Sony Platinum create a conjuring section in Bayonetta in order to make lollipops that would perform different task depending on how the player followed the recipe, I lost it! Now I’m more than excited to find different recipes on how to make health benefiting lollipops for my stubborn two-year-old. Medicine could be redesigned to be eaten in the form of soft survived ice cream and my daughter would still refuse to have anything to do with it. I have to admire how strong will she is, even if it drives me completely mad.

Well enough of my rambling, I want to hear what you think about having pop culture influence the Craft as well as your nature bond faith. The most obvious influence for me about the Neo-Pagan and Wiccan community has to be of course the movie The Craft. I know I didn’t mention it earlier but let it be known that Lia did mention the obvious influences movie of The Craft. Alright, guys, I chat with you later! P.s Can you imagine what male characters would look like if they were dressed like female game characters?View Spoiler »

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