Celestial: A Colorable Zodiac Journal

Tuesday, July 25th 2017

Gabriel Picolo is an artist and illustrator based out of Sao Paulo Brazil. Gabriel amassed a huge online following during his 365 Day of Doodles creative challenge, where he posted a piece of artwork generated every single day. Throughout that process, he developed a deep understanding of creativity and creative evolution. He has since developed a few storylines including that of his Icarus and The Sun characters; rife with love, emotion and the nature of relationships. Be sure to follow him on Instagram, Facebook and check out his vast amount of work on Deviant Art!


There are really no words to describe how happy I am to own this book. It’s only 12.99 on Amazon but it’s much more than that if you’re a fan of Gabriele Picolo’s work on his social media accounts. This artist is not only amazingly talented, kind, and incredible helpful towards his fans. This coloring book/ journal is incredible, unfortunately it does no offer a lot of lines for those who like to write long winded journal entries but it’s also an amazing journal because of all the artwork it offers.


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