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Friday, February 12th 2016

This is definitely not the type of book you want you’re in front of your friends, co-workers or anyone, this novel will have you blushing if not foaming from steam. Make sure when you begin reading this book the house is all yours because your body will prepare you despite if you like this novel or not. I was very conflicted when reading this book. My body betrayed my feminist heart while my brain tired it’s hardest to calm my very important organs. If you’re looking for a book that will make you’re no-no places foam then look no further this book will surely get you in the mood. I just can’t guarantee what type of mood you’ll be in after your done . . . umm releasing your tension, if you know what I mean.

This Counsellor by Celia Aaron was approved through Netgallery for an honest review. I really wanted to love the Counsellor by Celia Aaron because this novel is written in dual narration, between Stella the slave, and Sinclair, the rich contract holding Master.

This book is an Erotica Novel which means
80% Sex 10% Dialogue and 10% Story
Since most of the plot involves some serious sex scenes this books is an automatic wet 5 star novel!

Within the first page of the book we are introduced to our primal sexual driven male protagonist Sinclair. He has a twisted sense of love and power, all driven by one principle of need.

My mask is the law, the light, the pursuit of justice.

Yep it’s like that.He is a lawyer who is about to send a older man to at least jail for the crime he has committed when he decides that he’ll enslave the daughter of the accused for his single year of freedom.  After  fighting she, Stella, decides that she loves her father to much to have him suffer in a Louisiana prison and actually signs the document that enslaves her.

You guys know I’m a sucker for an story set in Louisiana or New Orleans! 


My favorite character from the book was actually the stylist from New Orleans, go figure, especially when he was told by Sinclair to make are Stella was ready for the ball within minutes! The intense nature of Sinclair’s demand are so powerful that even homosexual Alex was turned on.

“That.Was.Intense.” Alex leaned on the massage table. ” I kind of want to make you late just so you get some story of naughty punishment. Sweet Jesus, do I want some BDSM loving’ right about now.”

It’s not surprise that the sheer dominating strength that Sinclair has during the novel is a turn on. He has power, he has a powerful built, he claims he’s weak but I believe he’s really horrible at calculating the human heart, or how fragile it can break.


Sinclair is probably the worse example of a BDSM Dom or Master. I’m not even referring to the whipping, I’m talking about the human heart. He wanted to break Stella, To make her want him, need him, crave him, but all he did was push her away. Honestly what did he think her reaction was going to be when he revealed that even her own beloved father sold her to her tormentor in order to save himself from going to jail. Stella never had a choice in the matter.

She read the first page, then flipped to the second. I knew when she understood. I knew the exact moment when she read the words, when she flipped to the third page to see her father’s signature.

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If this book would have received a higher review from me if it wasn’t a contemporary erotic fantasy. If the novel would have been historical fiction erotic fantasy  where it’s more perusable for a man to sell his daughter to a debt collector, thus the BDSM slavery competition would have been more reasonable for me. Thus the story was not design in that matter there for I believe for those who love 50 Shades of Grey, Twilight then this story is all yours. As you may have notice this novel was a big MAYBE for me.


I have this 204 page book 3.5 stars for creative; imagination, character relations or characters development,
but of course it gets 5 stars for turning me!

I’m extremely curious about what the heck is going on with the Vinemont family! 

Happy Reading


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