Cursed in Love by Crystall Sellers

Saturday, May 20th 2017

As always I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review!

We are back in the little witchy town of Blu Harbor! As normal as this town looks it holds a big secrete, this little town host two powerful clans of witches that are at odds with each other. These two powerful families are at such odds with each other that a curse has been place to keep them apart. But not even a curse can stop Billy from loving Beth and their child Trista.
You’re remember in the first book the ghostly circumstances that caused Beth to be pregnant and Billy to be the father! I mean would could forget that light show they had together when they realize they were each other’s true loves witchy pair! * wink wink*

Even thought things are going great for Billy and Beth, they still have that curse to deal with and Roxy still has to deal with her own romantic problems, named Gary. While Beth is to afraid to marry Billy until she knows for certain that this entire “curse” business is over, Roxy has to deal with her own heart now that Gary’s roaming around time.


“ I know that you probably aren’t going to forgive me anytime soon. If at all. I get that, I wanted to let you know anyway. I’m still determined to fix this.”- Gary

Gary of course means well but that doesn’t mean it feels good to have him near by especially for Roxy’s sanity! Unfortunately Gary might bet he only person to help Roxy give Beth and Billy the life they need, not only for themselves but for the life of their child Trista! The question is can Roxy stand to be near her ex without committing murder?

“Hello, Roxy. may I say that you look ravishing today?”

“Gary.” Roxy looked around the room.  Could she move tables? Sitting across from her ex, was not on her menu today.

Roxy loves Gary, but Gary has done Roxy down right dirty, yet I can’t stop loving him

  1. He drives a Jeep ( just like me)
  2. His name is Gary I can’t hate the snail from Sponge Bob
  3. He has a kind soul, honest heart, and is worth any readers swoon points

What I love about Roxy is that she is a strong spit fire. If I had to describe Roxy, she’s an electrical fire, no amount of water is going to tamper the heat of that flame.

What I love about this book is that you get a real sense of family, small town loving, and of course drama! Not the type of drama that has you wishing you were anywhere else but you’re family dinner table for thanksgiving, but the suspenseful drama that makes you constantly grab a hot cup of tea to calm yourself down before you venture to the next chapter!
I love Blue Harbor Witches! I want and nee more of them! I’m sure you’ll fall in love with them too!

The devils in the detail, and that’s surely the case with this book. My only complaint with this book is that there is no devlish details. That’s right, there aren’t much steamy parts of the  book that make you gasp in pleasure along side the characters. I really wish there were more time in detailing the gory details or romantic gestures used between characters. The setting the book is so lovely that it would have been nice if there were more expanded details, just to give more attention to the character developing moments I want so very badly!

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The character dynamics of the entire group in Blu Witches is just amazing! I love these characters so much! I want to know what else is going to happen, better yet what else is awaiting them!

2 Responses to: Cursed in Love by Crystall Sellers

  1. On Saturday, May 20th 2017 Crystal Sellers said:

    So glad you loved it. I did want to go more steamy yet I am still very bashful when it comes lemon scenes because, my mother helps me edit! LOL She has a hard time reading it and knowing she’s reading it I wind up going in other directions. But I will try to give you more too drool over in Hex upon the Air. As always love your words, I read your stuff and wonder why you aren’t writing.

  2. On Saturday, May 20th 2017 Lia said:

    OMG I know what you mean! I think you should read some Sarah J Maas or Megan Erickson for some inspirational steam!
    I love these characters so much you did wonders! I’m proud to see your writing flourish!

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