Disney Beauty and the Beast Volume 1 by Mallory Reveaves

Monday, April 10th 2017

As always I would like to thank NetGalley and the pullers for Diamond Book Distributors Tokyopop for giving me the chance to read this graphic novel before it’s release date in exchange for an honest review!

 Some of you already notice my growing Beauty and the Beast collection, and this Tokyopop adaptation of the new Beauty and the Beast Live Action movie is no exception. The story of Beauty and the Beast Live Action, are actually the story of both Beauty and Beast told in two volumes, Volume 1 and of course Volume 1. The first volume is told entirely in Belle’s point of view, you can already imagine that the second Volume is told entirely in Beast perspective. The stay line is the same as the movie, minus a few additional scenes added to help relate each characters perspective.

I will say, if you have not seen the new Beauty and the Beast movie, those who attempt to read this book will find themselves completely lost within the story line. Bell’s side of the story starts off with a main introduction of her parents and then goes straight into he scene where the song “Belle: would have started if you’ve seen the movie. Remember each volume is only told from one point of view, which means there are many scenes in the manga which are key elements of the characters that really does not make scene until you have seen the movie or read the other volume to better piece together each scene of the individual mangas to make a completely story line.  If you have already seen the movie, while also gaining curiosity about this manga let me break down for you what scenes about Volume 1 are rearranged to fit the formatting of this manga.

Even though I truly love this manga because I am just in love with the Disney live action adoption of Beauty and the Beast, I feel that this book can truly do no wrong. It’s just an adorable small 160 page manga that goes along the same story line of the movie without music. Even though I love this manga to pieces there are many key scenes from the movie that are missing to make it a functional manga. For example the scene with Maurice and Gaston in the pub, gone! How about the scenes with Gaston constantly annoying Belle? Yep, all those scenes are also non-existent. Buying this manga is not going to replace the movie at all, it’s just a nice piece to add to my Disney Beauty and the Beast collection.

I will say one added feature in the manga that is not in the movie is the fact we are able to know what the character where thinking during certain scenes in the movie that have been formatted into the manga. Even thought there are many scenes that are cut out to make the adaptation from live action to manga work, I just thought it was adorable.

I gave this manga 5 stars because of the art work and the style that it included. I love how Tokyopop kept the detail from the movie as close as possible to the movie while only relating the manga to the relationship that was forming between Beast and Bell. Now if you’re a serious anime/manga fan this is 100% not the manga you should spend your money on. This is just a rather incomplete  adoption that Tokyopop did for Disney, this is not the manga that you would place on the shelf next to Fooly Cooly, or Vampire Hunter D! It’s just adorable, with great illustrations of the movie adaptation to add to you’re Beauty and the Beast collection but not necessary you’re proud manga collection.

Happy Reading Lia!

About Mallory Reaves

Mallory Reaves (born 1986 to parents Michael Reaves and Brynne Chandler), is a writer from Southern California. She is best known for her adaptations of the popular manga series After School Nightmare (Nominated for a 2007 Will Eisner Award), Black Sun, Silver Moon, Her Majesty’s Dog and 07-Ghost. In addition to her work adapting manga, she assisted in editing or producing many other titles.

Most recently, she became a published novelist, co-authoring The Silver Dream with Michael Reaves and Neil Gaiman. The book was released in April, 2013, and was a sequel to the New York Times bestseller InterWorld. Gaiman has announced via YouTube that the three authors have already begun collaborating on a third volume in the series.

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