Disney Beauty and the Beast Volume 2 by Mallory Reaves

Tuesday, April 11th 2017

As always I would like to thank NetGalley and the publishers for Diamond Book Distributors Tokyopop for giving me the chance to read this graphic novel before it’s release date in exchange for an honest review!

Disney Beauty and the Beast Volume 1: Belle’s Tale Review

As I mentioned before some of you already notice my growing Beauty and the Beast collection, and this Tokyopop adaptation of the new Beauty and the Beast Live Action movie is no exception. The story of Beauty and the Beast Live Action, are actually the story of both Beauty and Beast told in two volumes, Volume 1 and of course Volume 1. The first volume is told entirely in Belle’s point of view, you can already imagine that the second Volume is told entirely in Beast perspective. The stay line is the same as the movie, minus a few additional scenes added to help relate each characters perspective.

 This Volume 2 of Disney Beauty and the Beast: The Beasts Tale the Beast perspective which is just as amazing as Volume 1, Belle’s Tale.

Once again, the art in this short manga is amazing. The manga adoption features all the great detail that you would see in the live action movie of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Live Action. I feel in love with the new design of the Beast when I saw the movie, this manga has all that marvelous detail you have come to love while watching the movie.

The first volume is of course covers the entirety of the movie from the time the Beast meet Belle and their romantic relationship bloomed. By focusing on the his character, we also get to know the internal thoughts of Beast while gaining insight of who he is the same way we fell in love with him through the graphic novel, as in the movie.

Overall, I think the Tokyopop Volume 1-2 of Disney Beauty and the Beast is adorable if not artistic adaptation of the movie for anyone who wants to add more to their Beauty and the Beast collection. Like I said before with the Volume 1 Belle’s Tale, this manga is not the same type of depth manga that you would find to expect if you are a fan of reading Vampire Hunter D or Fooly Cooly, nor is it an adaptation of the original book. This manga is the adoption of the Disney live action movie focusing on the relationship of Beast and Beauty falling in love with one another, along with their love breaking the curse. I highly recommend these manga adaption of Beauty and the Beast fan, who are looking for an introduction not only into manga, but also those who are extremely a lover of the detailed art style!

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About Mallory Reaves

Mallory Reaves (born 1986 to parents Michael Reaves and Brynne Chandler), is a writer from Southern California. She is best known for her adaptations of the popular manga series After School Nightmare (Nominated for a 2007 Will Eisner Award), Black Sun, Silver Moon, Her Majesty’s Dog and 07-Ghost. In addition to her work adapting manga, she assisted in editing or producing many other titles.

Most recently, she became a published novelist, co-authoring The Silver Dream with Michael Reaves and Neil Gaiman. The book was released in April, 2013, and was a sequel to the New York Times bestseller InterWorld. Gaiman has announced via YouTube that the three authors have already begun collaborating on a third volume in the series.

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