Done Dirt Cheap by Sarah Nicole Lemon

Monday, March 13th 2017

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me the chance to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I have to admit, I first saw this book when author Zoraida Cordova took a picture of this book on her IG account. After seeing this amazing cover, I dashed to NetGalley to get my hands on this book quickly! I’m so glad I got book jealous, because it lead me into the arms of Sarah Nicole Lemon!

First and foremost I just to say sorry for this ARC review being so late. That being said I didn’t know anything about this book except the fact that this book cover is seriously the most bad ass thing I have ever seen. Just looking at the book cover of Done Dirt Cheap made me want to get velvet lipstick and a vegan leather jacket. I also know that this author is a debuting author, which meant there was no frame references of the author style. My only idea that I had about the author style was the fact that both Zoraida Cordova author from The Labyrinth Lost, and Laura Eve author of The Graces, both authors gave debuting author Sarah Nicole Lemon 5 star reviews. I gave Done Dirt Cheap by Sarah Nicole Lemon 4 stars, even though both authors gave the novel 5 stars I felt that after reading some extreme dramatic books in the past but that doesn’t take away the unique qualities of this debuting author amazing book. Honestly, I feel that after re-reading Don Dirt Cheap I’ll probably love it more and more the more I read it, but let’s get into the book itself.

First off this book is about these two incredible strong female protagonist which are extremely bad ass characters with all their beautiful flaws. There’s one character named  Tourmaline who is the daughter of the president of a bicker gang called the Wardens, meanwhile she’s also struggling with her mother whose currently in prison. Virginia had the misfortune of being tangled with a  skeevy lawyer who manipulated the situation of her debt by using his money to creating a large scheme to investigate the Wardens so he can dismantle them. This situation then connects Tourmaline and Virginia together as they attempt to infiltrate the gang.

Honestly if you’re not in love with this book right now, then what is wrong with you. I am sucker for a strong bad ass women, let alone two of them in a novel that involves a biker gang! Just from the setting of this novel you can already tell that this is not the conventional friendship or an instant friendship though school, this is the type of friendship that is built from trust and slowly develops through the course of the book. Each characters are hugely flawed, which makes them more realistic, as well as seeing the effect of the each events on their building friendship. Both characters  are very strong, both come from a diverse background while each offer a different methods, that truly brings them together. In a world that is dominated by men, they found each other in a foundation of their solidarity. Debuting author Lemon uses the two female protagonist to speak about a topic in America Literature since the 19th century by authors by Charlotte Perkins Gliman author of The Yellow Wallpaper, and Kate Chopin of The Awakening, the message being being a woman is a hard task in a society ruled by men, and the struggle of being a woman should not nor never limit you to you’re ability of owning you’re life! Now that is some serious girl power for you!

I love this book, but if you are a descendant of a long line of biker gang, I’m sure you’re thoughts about this book are going to be extremely different from me since I have absolutely no idea about the lifestyle of a biker gang. That being said I do love how the novel intertwines the information about a biker gang within the the core and story line of the book itself. It felt like the world of the protagonist was being explained to me in an interesting way that not only informed me but also educated me on what the protagonist world involved. Lemon has a great contemporary writing style that focuses on different members of the gang, races, and gender. Have no fear people, Lemon has diversity in her novel, there’s a black character in this book and there are various points in the novel where the characters comments and the hierarchies of the rituals amongst the club and how the implicated in the black person in a very predominantly white group of people. Lemon also has no fear identifying the fact that her character Tourmaline being of a different color skin is allowed be called out for the ability to have white privilege even in a biker gang. Also beware there is the element of a “forbidden” romance within the novel which I am kinda of tired of reading in romance and young adults novels alike but, there it is, predictable and none overwhelming at all.

Done Dirt Cheap by Sarah Nicole Lemon is an amazing novel that I’m extremely happy to have read as an ARC and also to give this wonderful review for this debuting author. I enjoyed reading about these amazing strong female characters! Honestly how can you not fall in love with a srong female who’ve built the type of friendship that not only ratle the stras but also rattle the opinion of what women can do in a male dominated society. I am super excited to see what its in store in more in Lemon’s future in writing.

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