Roots of Murder by R. J. Reid

Saturday, March 12th 2016

Through the powers of Netgalley I was able to read Roots of Murder by R. Jean Reid, which is a adult contemporary suspense thriller surrounding a 50 year old unsolved murder.

The story begins with a young widow who is moving her entire family from Mississippi to New Orleans, as she takes pieces of her life together with her two children. Life is hard for this young woman but it’s also gets harder for our journalist protagonist as well. Time seems to repeat itself as this widow attempts the same feat. Struggling to live her life after her husband was killed by a drunk driver she tries to complete her job while supporting her family as a single mom. Despite the dangers of drunk driving the person who killed her husband seems to believe that one mistake shouldn’t result in him serving prison time. His wife as well as his brother seem to believe this to their core as throughout the novel they are threatening the widow for perusing the extent of the law for her recently deceased husband. Despite the actions of her husbands murder she stays focus on this new story development of two skeletal corpses found in the woods. This might be the story that can help her keep her husbands weekly newspaper business flourishing as her family attempts to live without him.
Roots of Murder is more than just a mystery and more than just a thriller it holds romance, historical concept of greed, bigotry, and how far corruption within a community can benefit those who allow the secrets to stay buried far away from the truth. It seems that the more we seek for the truth within justice the more characters of harmful means try to keep the truth far out of reach.

This novel is did not hold an amazing plot twist for me this giving it only 3 stars. However this novel s a great and thrilling read with lovely dialogue, great suspenses and of course a touch of romance. I love how connected the family elements of the characters are webbed together. I also enjoyed how Nell struggled to move on with her life has her husbands memories haunt her just as deeply as the mystery of what happen to those bodies in the worlds . . .
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Roots of Murder by R.J.Reid 
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