FaceTime vs Deployment

Thursday, May 18th 2017

FaceTime with a Deployed Spouse

I know my husband is away fighting for civil liberties and what not! But nothing irritates me more than the waiting game on FaceTime! What makes it worse is the fact that I can see myself reacting to the digital ” ringing” as the phone is trying to connect his internet service to my internet service.

I don’t mind the secret base being locked down making all postal services being postponed. I don’t mind the the time difference even though I have to remember to tell good evening while he’s saying good morning. All i ask is that FaceTime works on the brief moments when the miracle of silence is bestowed on our lovely home!

The one thing I hate about having my soul deployed is how much our source of communication is based on good wifi connection and nothing else. I use to write him letters , fancy letters in fact! They had wax sealed ink and twinie wrapped around them, that way when he read them he read them know that he was getting 100 no wifi needed connection with me. Now that the mail is being postponed plus him coming home soon it feels like everything is  deliberately  trying to annoy me!

I am officially over this deployment OVER IT!

what makes my anxiety spark up more is the fact that Husband thinks its a good idea to just “surprise” us on when exactly he’s coming home!


I need to go kill something in Skyrim

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