Fall Family Road Trip!

Wednesday, October 5th 2016


Hello Wonderful People!

How are you doing? I am having a wonderful time visiting my mom and my sister here in Issaquah Seattle Washington! Honestly, when I told them I was coming they forgot to mention that I was going to visiting a mountain or I should say multiple mountains. With my mother being afraid of heights I never though she would be living with my sister on a mountain, let alone be driving a mini van on a mountain. When teaching me how to drive she was simple afraid of me holding the key to the car in a parking lot filled with parked cars. I did not even think to research the terrain of the area I was clearly going to be driving. Mind you I taught my husband how to drive since he’s from the glorious blue carb land of Maryland. So imagine my fright with my husband driving DOWN the mountain. My breath coming in short gasps or whimpers as he drives a fully loaded Jeep Liberty 70  maps down an unlit mountain area. I was so confused on how we kept driving downward when we never drove up! At one point in time we were only going 45 MPH because I was to afraid to move, thinking I might drive the car right off the poorly lit curves of the road. I had to stop the car a few times to cry in the gas station when my anxiety was to much to handle while driving, which only made the drive longer. I don’t care what Siri had to say, Siri wasn’t driving a car with her entire family behind her. The unknown, hardly lit mountainous area did have some startling effects on my blatter. The moment I actually DID arrive at my sisters house I hardly had time to put the emergency breaks on before I sailed passed my waiting family members to the finally release all the driving tension on a cool stone surface of the toilet!

ow that I am here in Issaquah I plan on seeing a lot of the tourist sights along with seeing how much books I can buy from the second hand bookstore. I really hope everyone is having an amazing October month!

Oh and I just realize since I am here I can get my mom to make me my favorite seasonal cookies! PUMPKIN COOKIES! Ohhhhh it’s going to be a very and I do mean VERY exciting fall season! I am going to go shopping! Possible going to check out the second hand stores because you never know the luck of a lost cat.

It should go beyond saying that my daughter is having a blast with her older cousins, actually I believe they are her only cousins that she’ll see on this side of the United States! She’s having a great time learning the ways of Legos, or sharing their joint love of The Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe, and of course STAR WARS (LEGOS).

Before going to bed last time Zoe was fighting the force with a lightsaber. As I’m defending the Dark Sixth, I tell her, “ Zoe! You have to use the force!” Her tiny body stars to lean backward as she attempts to swing a lightsaber practically twice the size of her as she close her eyes for a final double swing tell me “I’m trying, but it’s so hard”. I told her dad the same story and all we could do is tell her in joyous cheer that despite her struggling to swing the lightsaber, the force is indeed saved!


I really wish I could say the dogs are also enjoying our visit. Apparently my wolfish pup Alcide, does in fact look to much like a female dog to both humans and other dogs a like. We can’t seem to stop the two dogs my sister own from attempting to mate with Alcide. I mean “mate” not a showing of male dominances but serious I love you girl feelings. I have never seen so many pink lipsticks pointing at Alcide’s rear. Since Alcide is a trained ESA it makes it rather hard to defending his emasculate manhood, leading him to hide either in front of me or between my own legs while he sits between them. Thus making a very excited 85 pound labrador want to not only jump on me but mount the back of a very annoyed Siberian Husky dog. SO far Alcide has not officially been mounted but I am official over it, as are all the humans in the kitchen this morning. Either than that we are having a really great time. The drive is something I hope to tackle a lot better when returning to the miserable life in North Dakota, which I am clearly trying my hardest not to focus on! I’m so happy we are able to take this vacation time to be with my family because it has been a very long time since I was able to eb around a love one that I did not have to help potty train! I hope you all are having an amazing Fall Season! More about my trip and the books I find in the area soon to come!

Talk to you soon! Stay Warm


2 Responses to: Fall Family Road Trip!

  1. On Wednesday, October 5th 2016 Latoya said:


    I feel you. Especially on the mountain part. When we were driving around Honolulu and came to the part where houses were built up these winding paths on the side of a moutain I was trying not panic cuz I thought were going to slide off of the road. I was afraid to get out the car. ?

    And man….poor Alcide.

  2. On Wednesday, October 5th 2016 Lia said:

    Oh man you already know! Zoe doesn’t even know what to do! She’s so use to flat land that when we were walking Alcide she just started running. Imagine all our surprises when we all felt the road suddenly change from flat to steep! She didn’t have time to stop herself, she just suddenly began to roll down the hill. The only thing that stopped her was a tree that was growing on the side of the sidewalk. I felt like such a horrible parent for watching this even in real time instead of ACTUALLY stopping her from rolling down the hill!

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