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Friday, December 2nd 2016


Hello Lady Boys and Lady Girls,
Lia here! Time to bring you a great review, but this time I am going to do things different. As you can see a lot of things are going to be different here in Lia’s Bookish Obsession. Each Friday of the month I am going to have a special review that selects a character or characters from a book, and or series to be featured in my blog theme”Fan Art Friday” Post. Hopefully you will enjoy this new post as much as I do creating the art work that’s featured on it. Tell me if you like this new Friday themed post in the comments below!

For our first Fan Art Friday Post we have Manon Blackbeak from Sarah J. Maas Throne of Glass Series.
Manon Blackbeak is 116 witch, who first appears in the series in my favorite book of the Throne of Glass series, Heir of Fire. She has moon white hair and dark gold eyes. Don’t be fooled by her soft appearances in my artwork, Manon is a serious beast of a character. Despite her having iron teeth with matching long iron nails she’s also the Wing Leader of the notorious group of flying witches known as The Thirteen. If having Manon being a deadly Ironteeth witch isn’t frightening enough, let’s add the fact that Manon’s cousin Asterin Blackbeak is always at her side as her second in command.

Now if you have not read the Throne of Glass series I really encourage you to read it. Manon Blackbeak does not appear in the series until much later, but her appearances in the series, despite if you feel that it’s either late or just on time depending on how you feel about the actual plot connection that causes her to be apart of the cast, is simple amazing.

In Heir of Fire, we find Manon living with the “Crochan” in the village of Fenharrow. In this village the witches live in hopes that one day they will finally kill out all the Crochan witches.Just tell you how badass Manon is, I’m going to give you an idea of how badass Manon is check this out. When we first see Manon in action she is actually in her cottage when three uninvited villagers decided to enter her house in search of stealing from her. The three men they attempt to call her out, although Manon knows what they are trying to do she then hides. It’s when two of the uninvited men attempt to leave her cottage, she slips out of the dresser (where she was hiding) sneaks up behind the extremely unaware man and . . .DISEMBOWELS HIM! Leaving the second man to only wakl in on Manon drinking the blood of the first man’s blood. Of course when the third man realizes what’s happening Manon is to quick for him, despite the combination of utter terror mixed with adrenaline has made him Manon easily tracks him, and kills him.
Manon also have a Wyvern named Abraxos, (which will probably be the name for my next wolf pup in the feature). Abrazos is actually a smaller Wyvern compared to the other Wyvern that’s presented in the plot of the book. Even though Abraxos is a smaller Wyvern than the rest, that does not mean with the help of Manon he’s not he most respected, feared, and of course awesome deadly companion that Manon has. Manon chose the name Abraxos as his name as a reflection of the Three Headed Goddess pet name, with the leadership of Manon and her trusted yet deadly Wyvern on her side, it’s not hard to see why she’s the leader of the vicious flying witches, The Thirteen.
To me Manon is a great female character. When reading a Sarah J. Maas book, you already know that the female characters are going to be just as tough as the male characters. In some cases you might find that the female characters are more connected with each other female characters if not cleverer than the boys. You’ll see this especially in the latest book from the Throne of Glass installment, Empire of Fire. Seriously, if you read the latest book you already know what I’m talking about.
It’s the silent actions of Manon at the nd of the novel Empire of Fire, that really gave my heart complete to her. She played a strong key role in helping Alein in her plans. Sometimes the hardest role to play is the silent one.
I really hope this post encourages you to pick up the Throne of Glass series, even if it’s just to meet this vicious yet lovely character by the name of Manon Blackbeak.

Do you have any characters that you would like to be featured in my Fan Art Friday Post?

Is there a book or series that you desperately need a fangirl wingman?

Then I’m you’re gal, just leave me a comment below!

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