Gilded Cage by Vic James

Sunday, December 25th 2016

This book was given to me through the power of Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

February 14th 2017 by Del Rey Books

Ladies and Gent I’m really happy to introduce to you the “Glide Cage”. This is a strong that you did not know you needed but you strongly need to read now,and love. Okay, the truth is you can’t exactly read the book now since I’m reading an advance copy of the book, you seriously need to take the time to pre-order this book  February 14the 2017!

The setting of the story is place in an alternative version of Britain. That sentences alone should have you twitching to “click” the Amazon pre-order button. The story is surrounded by the structure of society within the powerful people, the Equals, which I have to admit is a really ironic name for the readers, the there are the wealthy oppress the weak. Then there is a society in which a social structure that has the society creating social classes for its people, typical. The society in fact has certain classes of people who make up the majority of the population which are ironically being denied their basic human rights while also being forced into  a ten year servitude, that can only be depressing in nature. However not all is what it seems, at least on on the surface any way.

After getting adjusted to the structure of the world in which this alternative Britain is in when we are introduced to our cast of protagonist.

Abi is  serious smart but also responsible, resourceful for a young woman of her age. Luke is a work-a-holic but honorable and brave given the fact that he was forcefully stripped from his family and forced into a work camp. Silurn is a true mysterious character who I really enjoy on the verge of love! He’s ambitious yet powerful. He’s a young man whose movements are truly shifty, which only makes me want to read more about him as well as figure out how their upcoming adventure inter twine with each other! Make sure to read this book when it comes out  February 14th 2017!

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