Goodbye March Hello April!

Friday, April 1st 2016

Here at Lia’s Bookish Obsession I’m happy  to say farewell to the month of March.
The best way to describe my month of March is with this really adorable poem I found online that goes as . . .

The month of March
Has just blown in,
To say that Spring
Will soon begin
March Roars in like a lion,
With a bluster and a slam!
And tiptoes out gently
Like a quite little lamb
–  From

Books of March

Look at all the books we have read this month.
I have to say that March is the most productive month of blogging I have had so far. I really hope to keep the strong hold of March through the month of April. I will being moving into my new apartment in April as well as attending my first book convention.

I hope to share with you guys all my adventures in the big city of Los Vegas while at the RT Booklovers Convention! It’s safe to say that April might not has as much book reviews in comparison to March but we sure are going to have a lot  of fun!
Thankfully the month of March has been great for the both of us!

If you missed any of the reviews for the previous month the list below will automatically send you to the review. Thank you so much for being apart of my bookish Obsession.
Happy Reading!

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