Goodbye October, Goodbye Seattle!

Monday, October 31st 2016




Hello Ghouls!

This sis the last day for October and I am  sad to see it go since I had so much fun this month. I know, that this month lots of book blogs have been posting about all types of amazing thriller/haunting books to read this month. I should have been doing this myself, but I was busy being a tourist while visiting my family in Issaqauah, Washington. Honestly I wish I had more photos to show you but after driving 19 hours from Minot, North Dakota to the state of Washington, I spent majority of our time sleeping while our daughter Zoe rampaged her Aunts home terrorizing her cousins with  StarWars lifesavers and legos. Honestly I never slept so long and so well, and yet I had the best time of this year spending some much needed time with my family. Now I don’t want to overwhelm you with dorky photos of my family but I do want to show you these fabulous places I found while I was visiting Downtown Seattle Washington.

First up on my list of places I love in Seattle Washington is . . .


BLMF Literary Saloon

Located in Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market, 1501 Pike Pl#322, Seattle, WA 98101

When it comes to fire hazard used book store you must go see BLMF Literary Saloon, is an amazing place to start. Honestly, you might have to walk into this store with a small portion snack because you can honestly spend all you’re time walking around the store looking at every book in the place. There are books EVERYWHERE! I mean everywhere! Floor! Ceiling! Floor!shelves, and shelves, shelves and of course shelves! This book store has a mixture of used brand new and everything else you can imagine. What I love the most about this book store is behind the counter you’ll find pictures, tokens, and treasures of his travels. This is what makes BLMF used book store so amazing. Seeing all these photos of the owners travel gives a very intimate feeling between customer and owner, which is what I love the most about this store. After, exchanging a few words with the owner I really hope I do get to meet him again but alas with having an active duty military as a breadwinner at the house makes it hard when attempting to direct you’re living stay.


Second place that’s amazing is Lamplight Books, also located in Pike Place until BLMF Literary Saloon, which is located on the third floor of Pike’s Place, Lamplight Books is actually on the main street just a few steps away from the bakery in Pike Place. This book store is adorable an amazing. If it wasn’t for the owner I would have never even seen BLMF, because both owners of the book store are actually friendly to one another, even ext employ and employer. Did I mention that everyone is Seattle is really nice, which is amazing considering how they drive! None the less Lamplight Books is just amazing. What I love the most about this bookstore is the owners last in music. I think I could stand there for hours looking for the erect book to buy while listening to a mixture of new age jazz, old soulful music. The smell of this bookstore is better than the warm scent of homemade fresh baked bread in the oven. It just smells comfortable, cozy as well as affordable. I managed to spend about $80 USD in the shop in less  than 30 minutes, one of my prized purchases is a vintage copy of “The Little Prince”! I really love this store and I hope that more people manage to find there way into this wonderful establishment!

After taking a few pictures in Pike’s Market, and talking to a few vendors while we waiting for the ever growing lines for the food vendors to go down, we manage to have only enough time to rush down to the parking garage  before the threat of getting our Jeep towed because a real offense. While speed walking down the street, my eyes caught the most beautiful window display I have ever seen. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you Cicada Bridal in Downtown Seattle!


If you love unique wedding dresses then let me direct you to this wonderful boutique. Despite my fear of having my car towed, I had to poke my head into the store to tell them how wonderful their window displace is. I would have never though of putting the intricate designs of lace to create a frame work around the dresses on display. I really had to say something to them because it’s just simple gorgeous.


I never had a classic wedding, you know white, or rather off white dress with bridesmaid and a grooms-bride, like most people in America I was on a budget, and my family didn’t take my boyfriend and I seriously when we told them about us wanting to get married. None the less, with each anniversary bringing us closer to what we would have wanted or desired if things would have been different I feel that my wanting to move near the Seattle, Washington area only increase once I saw this shop.

If you want a knowledgeable store with great selection for dresses, dress sizes along with friendly caring customer service then you really need to take the time and walking into Cicada Bridal located 1003 1st Ave Seattle, WA 98104 b/t Spring St & Maidens St Down town! Don’t forget to check them out at Just trust me they are worth it!

This conclude my amazing, if not refreshing visit to Downtown Seattle, Washington!

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  1. On Monday, October 31st 2016 Crystal Sellers said:

    Awesome! Looks like you had a blast! I have a good friend in Seattle. I hope to visit get one day. And hopefully check out these book stores.

  2. On Monday, October 31st 2016 Lia said:

    Seattle is amazing! Crystal I know you of all smiling people are going to have such a wonderful time there you might have to plan for a second vacation while you’re on the first vacation!
    Lia recently posted…Goodbye October, Goodbye Seattle!My Profile

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