Great Expectation by Charles Dickson Classic Manga Adaptation

Sunday, March 26th 2017

Manga Classics: Great Expectations Review!


As always I want to thank NetGalley and the publishers from Udon for giving me the chances to read the Classic Manga version of The Great Expectations by Charles Dickinson in exchange for an honest review.

Manga covers be ware Udon Entertainment has given you the best of two worlds, the classic literary work of Charles Dickson with the wonderful styling of manga. I love manga. I love manga so much that I literally bought my kindle just to afford all the volumes that a single manga series has to offer. This manga is extremely interesting especially detailed with the draws, yet nothing can ever compare to reading the book. That being said, I would not advice you to reading this manga thinking you can pass a literary test about it. However, I think for anyone who hasn’t read Great Expectation but would like to be introduced to the book, this is a great opportunity. The manga version covers all the essential parts such as:

Pip’s feeling towards the working class has he grows up and attempts to move up the ladder

Pip’s relationship towards this beautiful yet cold Estella

Pip’s mysterious benefactor…

Even thought the manga does cover the main parts of the novel, it’s still not a good idea to take a test on Great Expectation after reading this classic manga.

The artwork is amazing. The manga adaptation in this series truly makes the entire experience of re-reading this novel amazing. The set of artist that took their time making sure the classic manga adaptation of the novel towards a Japanese comic book style is more than stunning. The way Miss Havisham’s dress is flat out gorgeous, her creepy dusty covered spider webs that makes the entire page look more than haunting. Then there’s the cold shoulder Estella  illustrated posture makes the transition between “nice” and down right “evil” which is the exact same way I felt about her when I read The Great Expectation so many years ago.

Overall, I felt that this book is amazing. The adaptation of the classic novel The Great Expectation by Charles Dickens is a great book to add to ones literary collection or for those who are extremely in love with Undon Entertainments collection of artist, adaptations, art style, and of course manga.

three-starsI gave this novel 3 out of 5. Great adaptation of a classic novel. I though tit was an enjoyable  read but nothing that made it to unique that would stand compared to a manga company like Clamp, yet still a wonderful light read.

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