Happy Friday 13th Everyone!

Friday, May 13th 2016

Crow 13 Transparent

Hooray! I love Friday 13th!
It brings back so many memories.

Since today is so very specially I wanted to share with you how a single book helped me figure out my personal style when I needed it most! So let us travel down memory lane, don’t worry it will all connect to this life changing book in just a moment, but first Story Time!

Disney Beauty & the Beast

Back in the day when I attended school  for four years to obtain a Bachelors in Fine Arts in the study of Fashion Design and Merchandising with a concentration in Illustration. That’s right peeps, I can draw!img0010 Or should I say I drew well enough for me to finish college =P. While I was in school no one ever needed to check their calendar to figure out when the next Friday 13th was coming. Yep, once you saw me walking down the hall you already know it was today! Did I mention that I was in art school but I was still considered a little odd? Ha! I loved it! I mean I love being able to express myself through all mediums, especially with my clothes but more important my eyebrows. Every BabyGoth has a Goth-parental inspirational figure, mine at the time was (still is) the lovely AdoraBatBrat from Sweden! I mean come on! How can you not fall in love with someone who has fangs. Literally! She has fangs, she’s a mother, a model, a fashion creator, a chief, and overall entertaining person to watch both on IG & YouTube.

Not only did I study fine arts but I found myself living in Floida of all places in order to pursue that career. Can you image trying to be a super goth why batting the heat of Florida? My eyeliner would run, my foundation would melt, and if matters couldn’t get worse I did not have a car which means I would wear all this wonderful Goth clothing on the public bus. Yep, nothing better than a Creole speaking Goth trying to get directions to the mall for a job interview. Did I tell you that I use to wear these huge platform shoes? I mean huge platform shoes that would bright pink polyurethane shoes?  If you don’t know what polyurethane shoes are think walking hot pink oven on your feet. If the situation couldn’t be stacked higher against me my school was located near Orange Blossom Trail, known better as OBT. If you’re not from the Orlando area you’re probably wondering how did that make your fashion choice even worse? Well OBT is a well known PROSTITUTION STREET!

So picture it:
19 year old bold Baby Goth wearing hot pink stackers non-breathing oven hot shoes with running make up, a mohawk, constant tattered clothes from art class walking to your local bus stop off of OBT  in the early morning? You still can’t see it? Well here’s a helpful visual for you.

Hot Mess
As you can see from the photos above I was a Gothic Hot Mess! OMG! Why didn’t someone tell me I looked like a combination of a cyber goth night walker and Tanis from Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School!  I should have known better when my mom kept asking me everyone morning if I felt confident about myself. I would answer yes, then she would just go about her business sipping on her tea with a smile. Beware of Caribbean women smiling it is not a sign of approval it’s a sign of a laugh trying to smoothen itself in a  smirk!
Thus ,I wondered the streets of OBT dressed like a fashionable club hooker until I meet the wonders of  Jillian Venters wonderful book Gothic Charmed School, where she not only educated me put told me how to be survive the stages of Baby Goth to Goth Parent with pride!
Gothic Charm School

Book Synopsis:

An essential, fully illustrated guidebook to day-to-day Goth living

There’s more to being a Goth than throwing on some black velvet, dyeing your hair, and calling it a day (or a night). How do you dress with morbid flair when going to a job interview? Is there such a thing as growing too old to be a Goth? How do you explain to your grandma that it’s not just a phase?

Jillian Venters, a.k.a. “the Lady of the Manners,” knows how to be strange and unusual without sacrificing politeness and etiquette. In Gothic Charm School, she offers the quintessential guide to dark decorum for all those who have ever searched for beauty in dark, unexpected places, embraced their individuality, and reveled in decadence . . . and for families and friends who just don’t understand.

Paperback, 256 pages
Published June 23rd 2009 by William Morrow Paperbacks
ISBN 0061669164 (ISBN13: 9780061669163)
Thus why on this wonderful Friday the 13th I thank Jillian Venters for creating a book for all Goths to  educate themselves as well as not look like an OBT Hooker! It’s a wonderful detailed guide to help those who are Gothic in heart, Gothic in Literature and of course Gothic by music. It’s a great way to just brush up on all things you might not know and of course things you might already know. It’s just a great book to have because it has such inspirational stories of the authors own struggle of being fabulously creative. It’s just a great book to have or perhaps to give as a gift too!
Happy Friday the 13th Ya’ll!
Have a Wonderful Day

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