Heart of The Pack by Jenny Frame Review

Tuesday, June 14th 2016

I received this through Netgallery in exchange for an honest review.

 Heart of the Pack is a paranormal LGTB-Lesbian romances book with werewolves attached in it. Some of the theme that come with a soul mate or a true mate in other werewolf paranormal novels are also used in this book as well. If you enjoy werewolf romances novels then you should enjoy this read too.

The setting go the Heart of the Pack is in Wolfgang County, which already sounds wolfish. It’s a nice welcoming place where everyone take cares of each other. They are one big woof smiling family. These werewolves live just like other werewolves in other paranormal novels do, they have jobs, they own business, they have families, Oh yeah! They can shift! However these wolves are different because they can partially shift when they see fit, no full mood high in the sky needed.

The society based around the wolf community is nice, since it includes  submissive and non submissive characteristics in the couple relationship. This is really hard for me to say but usually I’m all about dominate wolfish sex scenes, however me no like the sex scenes in this novel at all. Which is really sad because, if I”m reading my favorite genre of paranormal romances  I want to like the sex scenes. This however is the first time I just skipped the sex scene because I just didn’t want to witness it. It was just 100% awkward/creepy/weird actually.
Usually I am a big fan of werewolf paranormal romances, especially with Nicky Charles Law of the Lycan series, however not so much with this book. I’ve notice that a lot of reviews on Goodreads state they love this book which makes me feel like I misses something because I didn’t love the book as much as other people did. I do love the fact that it’s a LGBTQIA werewolf romances story. I’m always and shall always support LGTBQIA romances stories, however that doesn’t mean this book should automatically be given 5 stars because of that one feature. A

When I saw this on Netgallery I was very excited, perhaps that the main reason why I felt so disappointed in the end. I gave this book 3 stars because I unfortunately struggled connecting with the characters of the book. I really the concept of Selena having anxiety, I related on that note quite heavy since I have an Emotional Support Animal for that exact reason.

As much as I want to fallow this series I am good. However for those of you who don’t mind what I have to say about the book please go ahead and read it! It’s still an amazing journey, just not my journey to take as a reader.
Heart of The Pack is available since May 17th 2016 by Bold Strokes Books
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