I REC Zoraida Còrdova newest novel Labyrinth Lost

Friday, August 19th 2016



Hello Darlings!
I’m really excited for Zoraida Còrdova newest book Labyrinth Lost! I read this book earlier this year and I can’t stop reading it. I actually pre-order my copy of Labyrinth Lost because as you can see from the photo, my physical ARC copy is getting pretty rough handed. I wish I could blame the rough handling of this book on my toddler but the truth is I can’t stop reading this book. Nope can’t stop won’t stop! I love it so much and I can’t wait for the actual finished/edited copy to be in my hands!

Why do I love this book so much?

I love this book because it’s written by an intelligent woman that understand that someone is more than just a nationality or a single example of race. I never read a book that mentioned the multiple cultures, and multiple raises. I also never read a book that mentioned the different alternative religions that exist in the West Indies and South America such as Santeria, HooDoo (VooDou), Obeah (Woop Woop Bahamas), and Palo and so much more.

I love the fact that this book is about love! Now you already know I am a fan of romance. I even have the word “Romance” tattooed across my fingers. Yes, romance means that much to me. So why am I prompting a book, that’s speaks to my heart, but I’m not telling shipping a couple? Trust me there s a wonderful loving couple that needs no promotion once you see them, but this love touched my heart because of the family value. Let’s not forget, Còrdova created a great magical world of Brujas and Brujos of Brooklyn.

The true treasure wonder of Labyrinth Lost, is the hidden the world of darkness and despair of spirits. Alex has to enter the unique spirit realm that was taught to her through generation of teachings through the family book of Los Cantos. Even though Alex wanted to deny her powers, seeing magic as more of a problem than a solution, she doesn’t hesitation when it comes to rescuing her family.  Honestly if it were me I might hesitate to rescue my family, only a second, just to gather my nerves I swear! Just a second, but when it comes to Alex needing to shave her sisters and her mom, facing countless amount of obstacles means nothing to her. It’s clear to say Alex is much bravery than me. Honestly if the entrances to the spirit world was as spooky tea, it might take me more than just a second to gather myself for a daring rescue.

Reading this books is  like watching a beautiful diverse magical adventure unfold before your eyes, in which all readers can find themselves within each character.  When the characters are in danger, you are in danger. Once you start reading this book, it’s really hard not to feel that you’re in danger too. This books is a very entertaining read, I admire the diversity that is woven deeply within this book, within the characters, the family, the history, and the story, the magical story line. I also love the fact that the main character is herself confident within her own bisexuality. Even thought there isn’t a strong romance notion within the novel, however towards the end of the story it’s kindle ending towards a romantic notion.

Don’t forget to preorder this wonderful novel!


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