ICYMI: I created Fan Art of Zoraida Còrdova’s Labyrinth Lost

Friday, August 19th 2016



Now as some of you may have already notice, I have been drawing some fan art for this book. Honestly, you might be surprised but I actually have a degree in fine arts. Meaning once upon a time, I use to make my living from drawing/creating artwork. One of the issues I had when during my early career is that employers would complain that my figures looked to “ethnic” or that they looked to “animated”. Now that is not the case any more since there are artist that draw in their own unique style of “anime” or ” manga” style. I haven’t draw “fanart” in years, even more shy to showcase my artwork since I don’t have all the latest tech that I would want. I have to admit I don’t like all the artwork I did, since my last car accident (the very same car accident I found out I was pregnant) I felt that my hands and I don’t agree with what my mind is telling it to do. None the less, I found a lot of comfort in Zoraida Còrdova treating my artwork like it is the most amazing pieces of artwork ever. She’s so kind, she’s so thoughtful, and she’s extremely sweet. I’m really hoping to create more artwork for more book series in the future! Yet I’m really happy to spread the word of how amazing, and how connected I feel towards this book and it’s author! So here are a few images of the characters that I hope you will be meeting yourself!

Meet Alex!
A Brujas who will do what ever it takes to rescue her love ones back, even if it makes traveling to the spirit world of Los Lagos!


Meet Nova, a strange young Brujo, whose strange markings, and smart remarks lead more into his mystery than you would expect. Can Alex rely on him, when it comes to helping to rescue her family?
Can I please have some more Nova!


King of the Faun: Agosto
Honestly, I can’t tell you about this guy, but let me just tell you this, I need more of him. Are you reading this Zoraida! I really need more of Him and NOVA PWEASE! Just know within the land of Los Logas, there is a path if taken you’ll end of having dinner with this sexy beast.



Remember all these characters were created by the lovely Zoraida Còrdova wonderful book Labyrinth Lost.


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