I’m Obsessed with Strange Magic!

Wednesday, February 22nd 2017

Everyone Deserves to be Loved!

I am currently obsessed with Strange Magic, a movie about finding love in the most unexpected places. I have been hovering over all my friends to watch this movie and now I have come for you!

I should tell you that I am a sucker for any movie that is inspired my William Shakespeare ” A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, due to the fact that my middle school changed the play name to “Mid-Winter” and I was the one speaking fairy. I knew that brave moment when I became a winter fairy, that I was always and forever going to be a Fairy for life! Now lets fast forward a few years since then, I’m still obsessed with all things fairies. Which is not surprising since the world continues to keep the folk tales of the fairy folk alive in countless retellings in books, songs, and of course movies! Which leads us right back to the topic at hand, my love for Strange Magic.

Strange Magic is a 2015 American computer animated movie that has amazing comedy, fantasy, and of course singing. A key factor why my friend Shea refuses to watch it more than once. Honestly, I love all things musical, but I think that is a cures that has slowly turned into a blessing after being forced to watch so many 1960’s musical, which were competing with broadway musicals. It’s easy to say that, if you can watch The Sound of Music without losing you’re sanity than this short 1 hour and 38 minutes movie will be a piece of cake, a piece of fairy cake if it pleases you!

This movie is just adorable, every thing about this short animated film is unique. The screen name was written by Rydstrom, David Bernbaum, and Irene Mecchi, while the story itself was inspired by George Lucas take on William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night Dream. If you are already familiar with the play than. it’s easy to see which animated characters in the movie portrait which  Shakespearean character within the play. No matter how old I am, I will always be jealous that I did not get the role for Puck in the middle school play, so it was super easy for me to see the adorable bunny-mouse creature as a very well played Puck character. Back to the movie, Strange Magic has a great musical clash between classic heavy mental music like Mistreated by Deep Purple, and the classic romantic melodies you would be forced to learn the lyrics by heart, especially if you were raise by a Motown lover.

Strange Magic  is about a magical realm that is divided between the land of the fairies which is surrounded by light, butterflies, and dances, meanwhile the land of the bog, creatures of utter darkness, living in the Dark Forest. Along the border of the Fairy Land and the Dark Forest are Primrose flowers, which are actual real flowers. The Primroses flowers, in the Strange Magic movie are the man ingredient to a powerful love potion, that only the sassy Sugar Plum Fairy can create, whose actually imprisoned by the Bog King. The story begins with Marianne cheerfully fluttering her fairy wings around the floral area of her father’s kingdom as she cheerfully gets ready to create a floral gift for her soon to be husband. Roland, is a handsome warrior who is the cutest jerk I have ever seen ever. He’s charming, cowardly and honestly a great example that looks don’t make a person a monster. He loves the opportunity he can gain from marrying Marianne versus actually loving Marianne for her unique qualities. So you can imagine how Marianne feels when she realize that her loving fairy warrior is actually cheating on her with someone else, with this blooming hurt cutting deep into her heart Marianne makes a vow to herself that she’s not ever going to fall in love again. As time goes by Marianne sister Dawn is utterly the opposite of Marianne, while her older sister has vowed never to fall in love again, Down must have made a silent vow to fall in love with ever guy she see’s expect for the one guy that loves her the most, Sunny. Sunny is Dawn’s best friend, and in the feared “friend zone”, he’s in love with Dawn but Dawn doesn’t seem to notice. Did I mention that Sunny is an elf too? So not only does Dawn not realize that her  best friend is in love with him, but he’s also  anyone to notice, thus why the same reason why Roland uses his size as an excuse to use Sunny’s love for Dawn to his gain. Sunny tricked by Roland travels into the Dark Forest with a Primrose petal, to sneak into the the Bog King’s dungen to ask the Sugar Plum Fairy to make her magical love potion, from there the movie takes an amazing if not musical adventure.

I love this movie. I love how George Lucas has been thinking about developing thisproject for more than 15 years even before the merger with Walt Disney Studios. I think the main reason why I love this movie so much is the fact that it was published under Walt Disney other studios name, under the Touchstone Pictures who released the film on January 23 2015. Despite me just recently knowing about this movie because of it’s apperances on Starz Encore, this movie did gross $13.6 million USD worldwife.

The cast of this movie are amazing, from Alan Cumming to Saturday Night Live own Maya Rudolph! Despite the fact tha thte movie has gain a lot of mix reviews by critisn the fact that Strange Magic is still growing a strong and steady stream of fandom. I feel the reason why the movie did not gross as much as it’s toher Desitney counter part of the same release year is because of the over shadowing of it’s unique talent because of films like Frozen. Even thogu Frozen did gross a lot of revenue, what Frozen lacks in great story telling, character design, and answers to question that seemingly continue to be ignore, the animated film Strange Magic does everything right.

I love this movie so much, and so daes my daughter. Things have been extremely tough for us since my husband has left but I am really excited that we, Zoe and I , can come to a common grown and watch this movie over and over agian with my wish I was deaf and she crying for me to have parental mercy. Plus, how can I not love an animate movie that helps me introduce my daughter to Deep Purple! Did I mention how much I love this movie, because I honestly do love this movie!

Happy Reading or rather Movie Watching!

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