Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine Book Review

Sunday, April 3rd 2016

Never judge a book by it’s cover . . .
unless it’s Rachel Cain’s Ink and Bone
I read this novel September 29th 2015 and I still enjoy it today.
This book is physically the most gorgeous novel I have ever seen, the cover art of the Ink and Bone is design to replicate the appearances of a leather bond book. By all means judge this book by the cover so you can pick it up and read it.
This novel is about books, library and the adventurous job of being selected as a librarian. No I’m serious, being a librarian in this novel is more exciting than you would image when compared to our mundane librarian. It’s safe to say this book is a book about books with the target market of those who loves books. By this concept alone it would only make sense that I would give this novel 5 out of 5 stars but that’s not the case. In this world that Rachel Caine as created the people who are in control are burning books and making it illegal for anyone to read a physical copy of a book without authorization. We all know when the law makes items rare to obtain the market for smuggling such items is profitable. Thus the book smuggling trade is born leading us to our first  interaction with a client purchasing a book from a book smuggler. The book begins with a high paste scene where our protagonist Jess is a young boy whose a runner, a person that literally runs the book from the smuggling house to the client. I automatically thought that anyone wanting to buy a rare book would have to be a book collector but I was completely wrong.
The man that orders the rare book is actually a book eater, meaning he eats rare books.
Rachel Caine starts this novel off with a bookish murder.

“This was like watching murder. Defilement. And it was something worse than either of those things. Even among his family, black trade as they were, books were holy things.”

If that scene doesn’t make you confuse give this concept a twirl the librarians are actually th villains. That’s right these librarians aren’t the sweet middle age women shoos you behind pink diamond studded cat-eye glasses. Nope. These librarians are pulling the strings and getting completely drunk off the power of controlling the complete process of the book creating, republication, developing as well as monitoring the available literature for public usage type of villainous librarians.
Yea I can feel your mind being blown from here.
Did I mention they are heavy loaded with Greek Fire too?
I  know mine was when reading it.

Mariah Idrissi

What really sold me about this novel is the diversity of the characters and of course the Hijabi!
That’s right there is a Arabian Desert Flower in this novel which literally made my heart scream with joy. I think I love this character much much x 4 times more than I love Jess and Morgan, who is the flattest character int he entire novel. I was more interested in the Desert Flower than any other character in the novel itself. I feel that I would continue reading the series because I love hearing her dialogue, commentary, as well as how she deals with the plot surrounding her!

The Ink and Bone is a nice read that I would like to continue but I would not be stress to preorder it. It’s a novel that I would read in between my more exciting novels. I feel a large amount of hope for this novel. I want to love it I really do but I just hope that the second novel will help create more connection of what’s happening than the first novel did.

I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars since it has a wonderful concept but it has a very difficulties time delivering. With that being said I am not saying this novel isn’t worth the read, oh it is, but I am hoping since it’s a series the sequel is going to be better. The feeling I get from this novel is that there are a lot of questions that are being presented to the readers without any answers being revealed.
I hope you enjoy my review
Happy Reading!

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Rachel Caine is a pen name of Roxanne Longstreet Conrad, an American writer of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, suspense, and horror novels. She also publishes media tie-in novels as Julie Fortune.

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