Just Another Manic Monday!

Monday, February 20th 2017

Today is Monday! How are you guys doing this Monday Afternoon!
Zoe and I are doing quite well, even though we are seriously exhausted from just coming inside from walking the dog. I love our dog Alcide, but he seriously believe that every pile of melted snow needs to be tackled, while his human counterpart believes that ever puddle of cool water needs a good boot smashing by Zoe. Something about being an adorable toddler seems to help gain cold weathering to ice water being splashed on to you.

I have to be honest, this is probably one of the greatest Monday’s I had in a long time. I did not feel great about my last podcast, mainly because I felt horrible about being alone. I have a few authors that are willing to be interviewed by me, but I don’t have anyone at the moment to watch my little girl. Rather, I don’t have anyone who can keep Zoe away from me for an hour podcast. Since her father has left, Zoe has been attached to be so fiercely I thought I was pregnant! Then I realize her love isn’t do to some animalistic connection to pregnancy hormones, she’s attached to me because she really misses her day.

The best part about this Monday, would have to be how adorable this morning started. Zoe has her own bed. She sleeps in a brightly colorful XL Twin bed, yet “sleeps” means ┬ámore “visit”, as time goes by I found more reason to celebrate with Zoe when she spends a full night in her bed rather than when she finds creative ways to sink into my bed! This morning was extremely adorable though!

If you’re already on my Facebook Page, you already know I am currently obsessed with Locus Films 2015 Strange Magic, the animated film. Lucky for Zoe fell asleep in her own bed, which gave me to watch the movie AGAIN for the seventh time in a row. I wish I could say the reason why I love this movie so much is because my daughter likes it to, but she’s starting to get tired of seeing it and would rather watch Bubble Guppies!

So there I am watching this movie on StarzEncore AGAIN, while drawing some small details to my frank, without any parental guilt! What made it even better this time was the fact that Sir Larry was watching it too! He managed to get a hold of the movie. Honestly! Isn’t he awesome! He just finished working the late shift, getting off of work around 1-3 am in the morning. He knew I was obsessing over this movie and imagine not only to get a hold of through or Direct TV account but we stayed up together watching it. Texting each other about the different elements of the movie and the scenes that only each of us would have picked out. I know we are miles apart but it felt like we were watching the movie together! If it weren’t for that Sunday movie together, I probably wouldn’t have been so extremely chipper when our mini human daughter decided to rush into our bedroom like a flash in the pan.

She ran into our bedroom, climb our white iron bed frame and threw her arms around me for what I think was supposed to be a hug but ended up being a mother daughter wrestling clothes line! Who knew tiny toddler arms could be so bloodily painful to your throat! I didn’t realize how much I was in pain until after I attempted to talk a few hours later. Even with my throat being attached my to strong baby arms, I could stop thinking how non evil and adorable our child looks while she’s asleep. Look at this channeling! She almost looks easy going! What she truly looks like is her father. If Sir Covington ever wanted to be a Drag Queen he’s best attempt would be to look exactly like his daughter Zoe!

All those events added together made this Monday exciting. It was really nice, actually “nice” isn’t the right word to describe how amazing it was to be able to have breakfast and talk with my husband as if we were not miles apart. I love it. It was absolutely amazing, and I hope we can do it again! I was recently thinking about stopping the podcast and the blog since my heart was more focused on trying to get my daughter to understand that her Dad did not leave her but simple went to work far away. I didn’t think I could keep the podcast going unless I could get Zoe to stop acting out from the separation of her dad. This weekend showed me that not only am I not going to give up my blog and my podcast, but I’m really thankful to have such peeps to help me even if it’s asking them to do a sudden podcast right before they go to work. Thanks so much Sir Larry, and special thanks to you guys!
Wow this has truly been an exciting Manic Monday!


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